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What Should You Know About Phantom Galaxies' Planet Sale?

What Should You Know About Phantom Galaxies' Planet Sale?

The Phantom Galaxies Planet sale will overjoy fans because it allows them to buy their universe, making them extremely happy. Beginning on May 25, two separate presales will be held before the public sale, starting on May 27. Those interested in astronomy will be able to purchase both minuscule asteroids and massive planets.

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In Phantom Galaxies' AAA blockchain game, a transaction to purchase private land has occurred. The transaction went off without a hitch. The sale of 7,734 planetary and asteroid objects was completed for $19.3 million. To put it mildly, far too many people were eager to attend.

Individuals, not group members, are encouraged to attend the festivities. Continue reading to learn more about an incredible sale on Web3 products that has been going on all year.

When do you think we'll be able to complete the transaction?

On May 25, at exactly midnight UTC, the A Presale began. The B presale will start on May 26th at 12 p.m. UTC. The public phase of the planet sale is set to start on May 27 at 12 UTC.

Phantom Galaxies has also determined the time at which active auctions will end. This illustration depicts nine planets, one of which is extremely large and the other eight relatively small. The times at which each auction begins are depicted in the image below.

What kinds of things can be found in the kitchen, specifically?

In the distant future, you can purchase both planets and asteroids. The general public refers to these as "Planets" in common parlance. These are the sizes, in order of most minor to largest:

·        Small Asteroid

·        Large Asteroid

·        Small Planet

·        Medium Planet

·        Large Planet

Every galaxy in the Phantom Galaxies universe will have its unique location and characteristics. Consider these regions vastly expanded and sprawling lands covering the entire virtual world.

Planet owners have a say in the Phantom Galaxies' political decisions. A feature with multiple applications, such as this one, should keep players interested for longer.

Once purchased, the new owner of the Phantom Galaxies sector will have the same freedom to develop and shape the area as they would with any other plot of land in the metaverse. If they so desire, they have the option of seizing control of their planet. The future benefits of owning them will include drops and an in-game token that has yet to be implemented.

Planets, what is your asking price for it?

You must first acquire USDT or USDC tokens to purchase the Polygon network. You should arrange your coins to be ready when the time comes. Delays during peak traffic times are not uncommon when transferring funds between blockchains.

Phantom Galaxies has compiled a guide that will walk you through the steps of getting a MetaMask wallet and adding the necessary amount of USDC to it before the sale.

The table below provides a rough estimate of the total number of Planets available for purchase. Don't give up hope just yet; the table contains other options for acquiring more land. These options are listed on the internet.

Who among you has the means to purchase a planet from Phantom Galaxies if you so desired?

Those who are members of the OG group have priority access. They were each given 5,000 Hopeful NFTs, which allowed them to participate in the event's Presale A phase. Customers bought during the Presale B event will receive 7,500 Episode 2 Medal NFTs. Both are currently available for purchase on OpenSea's secondary market.

The public will then be able to begin purchasing items from the sale on May 27th. This event is exactly what it sounds like: a deal that is open to the general public. Phantom Galaxies has agreed to make any merchandise not purchased during Presales A and B available to the general public.

They mention the total number of Planets that will be made available to the general public in any of their promotional materials. Rapid responders, on the other hand, should get something, even if it's just a Small Asteroid.

When and where is the auction going to take place?

The option to complete your purchase can be found on the Phantom Galaxies website. Before you can make a purchase, you must first link your wallet.

OpenSea's most recent event involves auctioning Mintpasses that can be redeemed on the specified planet. The image to the right depicts the final days of the auction for the more giant planets.

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