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React Native Vs. NativeScript: Which One is Best for Mobile App Development

React Native Vs. NativeScript: Which One is Best for Mobile App Development

The idea of creating an application for a business is the first step to success for business owners. However, business owners must consider several factors before developing an application. The choice between native applications and hybrid apps has always been there when it comes to app development.

Knowing the distinction between native and hybrid apps is the first and most crucial step in determining what kind of apps will assist your business in achieving success.

Also, hiring NativeScript developers or React Native developers to complete your project is one of the most important considerations. When you hire an expert, you can get a robust application with many features.

Moving ahead, we have compared React Native vs. NativeScript to uncover all the essential information you must be aware of. With this, you can decide on your next mobile development project. Thus read the information carefully.

A close comparison between React Native and NativeScript -

  • Be it React Native or NativeScript. Both are open-source frameworks that enable you to develop hybrid mobile apps.
  • NativeScript is developed by the Progress community and written in JavaScript and TypeScript, while React Native is created by the tech giant Facebook and written in JavaScript.
  • When you use React Native to build an application, it requires React and JavaScript programming languages. On the other hand, to develop a mobile application on NativeScript, you can use Angular or VueJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.
  • React Native offers you options to reuse the logic/structure of the component based on the reusability of the codebase. However, there are some aspects for which you need to code differently for Android and iOS. In NativeScript, you can work side by side to get a semantic ready allowing you to develop applications and websites from a single project. If you find it difficult, hire a NativeScript developer to make the process easier.
  • When it comes to speed and performance, React Native gets all the points to be the right choice, as it works separately from the main UI thread. In contrast, the size of an application built on NativeScript is more, making it slower at rendering.
  • NativeScript has its official marketplace to find plugins, while React Native doesn't have any official marketplace to get plugins.

Which one to use, React Native or NativeScript?

Picking the right technology for your next project might not be easy for you as both have their benefits and flaws. Thus depending on your project requirements, you can choose any of them.

React Native

  • Develop apps without third-party plugins,
  • Build real-time apps,
  • Create a quick MVP,
  • Build UI-specific mobile apps,


  • Build cross-platform apps,
  • Avoid performance issues,
  • Develop extensive APIs with in-built plugins,
  • Create simple, accessible, and attractive UIs.

Published source: React Native Vs. NativeScript: Which One is Best for Mobile App Development

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