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What is Attendance Management System and ways to track Students Attendance at College?

Anirudh Roy
What is Attendance Management System and ways to track Students Attendance at College?

Any place that a person attends, whether it be in the professional or academic realm, is extremely important to them. Attendance shows commitment and affects one's personal and professional development.

When using the traditional chalk-and-talk approach, the teacher must take a lot of time to record each student's and each lecture's attendance. One of the institution's most important procedures is the method for managing attendance. The industry leader in educational software, MasterSoft, has just released a cutting-edge application that will update the outdated system for recording attendance. This software will control a student's absence or presence based on physical characteristics like fingerprints, a facial scan, RFID, or IRIS.

What is an Attendance Management System?

The system known as attendance management assists the educational institution in managing the attendance monitoring process and improving its effectiveness. It will fully automate the process and give you access to both bespoke and pre-made reports.

MasterSoft provides a system for managing attendance that will excel in functionality and provide advantages for both parties. The enormous client base, which keeps growing as time goes on, is the one telling the narrative. The benefits and durability will make the investment worthwhile even though the cost first seems higher.

Types of Attendance Management Systems

1) RFID Scanner:

Each student receives an RFID-enabled smart card with a personal identification number. The entrance to the school, classroom, library, or any other significant area can have an RFID reader installed (basically anywhere you want to attend). Students that have smart cards need only pass through the reader, and the reader will scan the number on the card and record their attendance. Every student has a unique number on them, therefore only they will be compatible with this particular card reader, which is how the system functions. Many students could enter at once and register themselves by simply going through it because the card readers can read many cards at once.

This implies that as soon as tardy students arrive for class, schools practically immediately have access to every student's attendance. Your student Attendance Management System can be automated with the help of this automatic scanner, which is simple to integrate with school ERP software.

2) Biometric Scanner :

The Biometric Attendance system for schools and other educational institutions, which may be utilized with a straightforward device that takes up less space and can be positioned at the main door, is another significant and extensively used automated student attendance management system. As students enter the institution, biometric technology, which is integrated with an educational ERP, instantly records their fingerprints.

The pupils merely need to place their fingers on the scanner of the system, and it will verify their attendance for the day using the original fingerprint information entered by the relevant authorities. There are fewer chances that an attendance management system will be tampered with because a biometric system relies on fingerprints, which are personal to each person.

3) Attendance Based On Mobile Apps:

With a reliable student attendance management system app, teachers can quickly mark attendance. The student management software allows parents to submit leave requests for their children directly. When marking student absences, teachers can put students on "leave" status so that they don't have to worry about forgetting to put one or more students on leave. Teachers are given an advantage, while pupils are given security.

Various Methods For Tracking Attendance

Attendance is crucial to education because consistent attendance increases a student's chances of academic success and makes them a respected member of the school community. When homeschooling, it is crucial for monitoring time and progress.

This procedure is crucial in improving your school's student attendance rate since it instills in them a sense of accountability that motivates them to come to class regularly and lowers absences.

Student attendance tracking data also enables you to study attendance trends at your school, compare them to those at other institutions, and identify practical strategies for future student enrollment growth.

There are various well-liked techniques for monitoring students' attendance:

1) Manual:

It is a customary method of recording attendance. After class, the professors take attendance of the students here. With the advent of automated solutions, this approach has become obsolete.

2) Class Attendance Sheet

This is a more thorough version of the verbal check method.

The present kids sign an attendance sheet that the teacher distributes. Then, some teachers record this data in a notebook, but many teachers record it in an excel file. The teacher typically keeps a separate journal with the names of the students in it, marking the students' presence or absence with checkmarks, pluses, or minuses after each lesson. Once more, the signs are added up after a certain amount of time, and the teacher comments or assigns a grade indicating the student's attendance record.

3) Biometric

We can now use a biometric scanner to track attendance with the touch of a finger thanks to technological advancements. It is simple to make it handy for students, however, if there is any moisture or dirt on the fingers, it won't scan them.

Student Attendance Tracking Software

This technique uses a student attendance tracking program that attempts to assist you in automating the checking of attendance procedure.

1) Student Attendance By Student

As well as the total amount of time spent on that subject during the previous week.

2) Attendance Of Students By Subject

As well as the total amount of time spent on that subject during the previous week.

The main benefit of this approach is that it informs parents who are curious about how frequently their children attend school, how many absences they have had, and how much time they have spent in class overall.

Anirudh Roy
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