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Skin Care at Home During Pregnancy

Prapti Chauhan
Skin Care at Home During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. Be aware that most cosmetics and beauty care products have harsh chemicals. Therefore, pregnancy is when you should shift to homemade natural and organic products. Avoid store-bought beauty products, as you can never be sure what they contain.

Most pregnant women glow during pregnancy. Their hair and skin naturally become shiny and smooth due to pregnancy hormones. However, pregnant women also start getting stretch marks and pigmentation. The good news is that you can treat these conditions at home. Once you get pregnant, just set up a beauty care routine, and follow that.

Drink Plenty of Water

We often overlook the benefits of water for glowing skin. Water helps to release toxins from our bodies and makes our skin healthy and glowing. During pregnancy, water also helps to maintain the right amount of amniotic fluid to keep your baby safe inside your womb. Drink a minimum of two liters of water a day. If you are not fond of the taste of water then you can also drink coconut water, fresh lime water, sugarcane juice, and other fluids. Staying hydrated is extremely important for healthy skin.

Sleep Well

It is difficult to sleep well during pregnancy. However, sleeping has several benefits. Try to sleep 8-10 hours. You can sleep during the day also.

Oil Massage

Stretch marks are a pregnant woman’s worst nightmare. It is difficult to get rid of stretch marks but with proper care, they can be prevented. Massage your baby bump with almond or olive oil starting the first trimester. Regular massaging can prevent stretch marks from appearing.

Face Scrub

The best way to treat pigmentation is by using homemade face packs. There are various ingredients that you can use to treat pigmentation. You can apply honey, lemon, gram flour, tomato pulp, multani mitti, or vitamin E from capsules. Apply the pack and keep it for some time. Then wash it with plain water.

Regular Exercise

Never underestimate the role of exercise in keeping your skin glowing. Exercise helps in working the organs and removing toxins from your body. Exercise increases the blood flow in your body and also releases happy hormones such as oxytocin. Regular exercise will help you sleep well at night and reduce stress levels. All these things together contribute to healthy and glowing skin.

Avoid Junk Food

Fried food and sugar can make your skin look dull. Eat a balanced diet. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Eat a salad with every meal for healthier skin.

Things to Avoid

During pregnancy, you need to be extra careful with whatever you are using on your skin. What you apply to your skin can impact your baby directly. Here are a few things that you should avoid:

  • Avoid alcohol-based skin care products
  • Always check over-the-counter skin creams and lotions. If you find retinoids, formaldehyde, hydroquinone in the products, avoid them
  • Never leave makeup overnight. Wash off makeup before going to bed
  • Avoid any acne treatment

During pregnancy, it is better to treat your skin with homemade products such as aloe vera, turmeric paste, lemon juice etc. Traditionally, Indians have depended on home products for skin care. Pregnancy is the time to get back to your grandma’s skincare routine to avoid harming your baby.

Prapti Chauhan
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