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Life at Inwizards Software Technology

Inwizards Software Technology
Life at Inwizards Software Technology

At Inwizards Software Technology, we aspire to build extraordinary things by working together towards the same goal– to deliver robust technology and human innovation. Our success and the strong foundations of our company have been built by our relentless and dedicated employees. We ensure to provide the best working culture to our employees, where we grow together and party together! And by celebrations, we make sure that NOBODY IS LEFT BEHIND!


What makes Inwizards, one of a kind workplace is:


●       Inclusive environment

●       Freedom and responsibility

●       Honest, Productive Feedback

●       Encourage decision-making by employees

●       Stress-free working culture

●       Performance Acknowledgement

●       Promote Peer Learning

●       Keep only our highly effective people


The thing we most value is talented and creative employees who want to grow as all-rounders. Since you will be given ownership of your work and an excellent learning environment. Let’s get to know more about Inwizards!


About Inwizards

A leading US-based software development company, Inwizards Software Technology helps businesses succeed by embracing digital transformation. Our area of expertise includes providing a broad range of services, such as IT consulting, Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Product Development, Mobile App Development, and many more.


Their aim is to deliver the finest on the table integrated with cutting-edge technology. They stand out as a website and application development firm for more than 1.5 decades and have a huge network and competence in the field. What makes us unique and stand out from our competitors is our approach toward work! So keep reading to know more about it.


Employee First Culture

We know the value of our employees and strive to make them feel comfortable wherein they feel heard and respected. Our positive workplace culture promotes healthy work-life balance and our working style has been described below.


Inclusive Environment

We work with people from different backgrounds, values, cultures, and identities. We believe that every member should be treated with respect and welcome diversity in the Inwizards working culture as well.


Freedom and Responsibility

At Inwizards, we trust our employees. And unlike any other organization, we stress more the freedom of working instead of the process. We want our teams to work toward the best interest of Inwizards.


As a result, we develop a sense of accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline that motivates us to produce excellent work. The objective is to foster a deep sense of care for Inwizards so that people act in the best interests of the company, not freedom in and of itself.


Honest and Productive Feedback

Constructive and positive feedback is a part of everyday life at Inwizards and not just a one-time thing. Feedback can be difficult to receive and accept but we believe that one gets better with time and practice.


It takes courage and selflessness to ask someone what you could do better or to ask yourself what feedback you have yet to give a colleague. Both rely on trust and good intentions, which is why we take the time to build strong professional relationships.


Encourage Decision Making by Employees

We work hard to strengthen decision-making capabilities within our organization. We take satisfaction in the fact that our senior management makes a limited number of judgments. Each leader's responsibilities include mentoring, providing context, offering advice and comments, and keeping up to date on the progress of their team.


Leaders can examine the specifics of various projects rather than micromanaging minor choices. Their teams can then use this information to better frame the situation, resulting in more sound judgments being made. We think that when workers across the firm make and own decisions, Inwizards is most productive and innovative.

Stress-free Working Culture

Say goodbye to the daunting and hectic working culture. At Inwizards, we adhere to a stress-free work culture wherein employees celebrate together and bring the house down because we work hard and party hard! Literally.


Along with the celebrations, we also make sure our employees pursue a healthy lifestyle. So the teams get to play their own favorite choice of sports and we make sure nobody is left behind!


Performance Acknowledgement

We understand the importance of employees who add value to the company. To create a healthy working atmosphere, we don’t shy away from cheering our best-performing employees and showering them with appraisals and promotions to give them their due recognition.


Amazon vouchers, certificates of excellence, an employee of the month, appraisals, and hikes are some of the ways we promote our company’s shining stars.


Promote Peer Learning

Working together and growing together is our company’s aim. Inwizards promotes peer learning which not only leads to upskilling of employees but also expands their boundaries beyond their own designated field.


So, if growth and learning are what you prefer, then we welcome your presence in our company!

Perks of Working with Inwizards

Employees expect growth, stability, and healthy work-life balance in their lives. And we at Inwizards, understand the needs and requirements of our employees. So we’ll list out the perks of working at Inwizards so that you get a clear picture of our style of working at Inwizards.


Entertainment & Events

Only work and no entertainment are a bore! And our working culture ain’t boring. To fulfill your hunger pangs, you get to savor evening snacks with your teammates. Along with it, we encourage you to sweat with our fortnight sports events to ensure you don’t stick with your chair all day long. And the events are accompanied by dinners at The Allahabadi and fun nights that will make you groove!


We celebrate every moment where we can put a smile on our employee's faces. From birthdays to work anniversaries, we make sure you feel special and one of a kind at Inwizards. From New Year to Diwali, every festival is celebrated with fun games and snacks to make you feel at home.


Moreover, our employees' growth is our company’s growth and we strive to make sure that your talent is recognized and appreciated with our gestures through an employee of the month certificate, excellence certificates, amazon vouchers, and much more. So there’s no dearth of celebrations at Inwizards.


Career Growth

To learn is to grow and to grow is to succeed. We at Inwizards entrust our employees and give them the authority and responsibility of their own project handling. We guide but we also make sure that one gains leadership in their own respective domain. Cross-departmental learning brings a lot of clarity to the aim of our company, and everyone works in sync to ensure the fulfillment of the mission of Inwizards.

If This is You, then You are Welcomed!

The company’s values are reflected by the employees working in a particular company. If you possess the given traits, then come be a part of Inwizards careers in Indore.


●       You make wise judgments to ensure the company’s profitability

●       You seek to work towards Inwizards best interest

●       You listen well and be calm in stressful situations

●       You treat everyone with respect without any bias

●       You are known for diligence and transparency in your work

●       You care deeply about Inwizard's success and are excited to work with us



Here at Inwizards, a career means more than just a job. Because we have a dream team of more devoted individuals working together to succeed, we are learning more rapidly than ever.


Our business greatness is fueled by this cultural excellence and our long-term growth. So be a part of Inwizards Software Technology and get one step close to nailing in your career.



We are hiring!

Drop your resume at [email protected]

Inwizards Software Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Venue Details: 603, Airen Heights, Opposite C21 Mall

Learn More - https://inwizards.com/


Inwizards Software Technology
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