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Top Hospitality Industry Hacks to Impress the Guests

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Top Hospitality Industry Hacks to Impress the Guests

Due to the personal nature of customer service, businesses in the hospitality sector rely significantly on word-of-mouth advertising to expand their clientele. The only reliable strategy for your hotel to gain new guests is through positive online reviews. That's why you need to do whatever it takes to set yourself out from the rest of the field. Here are seven simple methods that most of the luxury hotels in Vadodara follow to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

1. Participate in Pre- and Post-Stay Conversations with Guests:

When a guest makes a reservation at your hotel online, their stay officially begins. Add some interactivity to your website in the form of surveys and questionnaires to learn more about your guests before they arrive. You'll be better able to cater to their needs and make the most of their time with you if you have some idea of the reason for their visit. Email them useful information, discount coupons, and suggestions for things to do while they're in town.


Timely communication with customers after their stay is essential for eliciting useful feedback and finding areas for improvement at the hotel. Thank them for their business, deal with any issues they may have, and entice them to return with special offers. In addition, show initiative by soliciting feedback. Customers have an appreciation for the value that reviews have to a hotel's bottom line. If they had a good time, they'll probably be happy to write a review about it.

2. Acquire Local Knowledge:

You need to be well-versed in the local area before you can talk to your guests with any degree of authority. Be knowledgeable about the local cuisine, drinks, and attractions to really wow them. Walk them through the best routes they can take. Discuss the fascinating traditions and peculiarities that have made your community what it is today.


You can publish these details in a variety of formats, including online ones like your website and newsletters, as well as offline ones like brochures as well as flyers. Please provide your guests with all the information they will need to have a wonderful stay and get one of the best hotel deals in Vadodara from The Oasis Hotel.

3. Make Your Service Mobile-Friendly:

Making a hotel reservation isn't a routine process. Travellers today typically use a range of electronic gadgets—from laptops and smartphones to tablets and laptops—to arrange their trips. To make the reservation process as convenient as possible, you must ensure that your website and other online content are mobile-friendly.


Even if your hotel offers the best facilities as well as services in the area, it won't attract customers if they have trouble making reservations. If customers find difficulty completing any task on your website, it is highly likely that they will abandon it and look out for the one that does.

4. Move on to Keyless Entry:

Guests can bypass the lobby and check in using their smartphones using a keyless check-in service. The gadget acts as their key for the duration of their stay, making it more practical and safe than a standard key card. Also, your front desk staff will be able to focus more on other duties thanks to this adjustment.


Because a mobile application is required for keyless entry, mobile optimization and keyless entry are natural partners. The process of making your locks work with the service involves more than just creating an app. Keyless entry is a particularly useful method for facilitating cross-platform service in the hospitality industry.

5. Upgrade Your Bedsheets, Blankets, Towels, etc:

Ideally, your hotel would be equipped with nothing but the highest quality features on the market. Since that's obviously impossible, you'll have to prioritise some over others. Be sure to bring plenty of bedding supplies like blankets, sheets, and towels. These amenities can retain or lose your guests concerning their stay by improving their self-care and rest.


Guests will appreciate the extra effort you've made to ensure their comfort if the bedding and towels they use are of high quality. Similarly, a room would benefit from a consistent colour scheme of soothing pastels. These seemingly insignificant alterations to the decor can do wonders for the comfort of your guests.

6. Serve Hot Beverages round the clock:

Providing complimentary coffee and tea to guests throughout the day is another simple approach to make them feel at home. You can really impress your guests by providing coffee and tea in each room, but if that's not in the budget, you can also make a hot beverage station available in the lobby which is a much more practical as well as cost-effective option. The Oasis Hotel ranks among the best restaurants in Vadodara that offer hot beverages round the clock.


There is a large window of time between when guests go to sleep and when they wake up, and most people rely on coffee or tea to get them through the day. Provide assistance around the clock to accommodate varied schedules.

7. Rewards for the Repeating Guests:

In today's hotel industry, customer loyalty is harder to achieve, therefore you need to put in extra effort to gain repeat visits from customers. While a loyalty programme offering discounts and "one free night" benefits is a smart place to start, offering a wider variety of prizes would encourage guests to stay longer and earn free nights more rapidly. Some of the benefits that visitors can use whenever they like are as follows:


●    Free meals

●    Extra drinks for them in the room

●    Special valet service

●    Late check-out

●    Room upgrade (as per availability)


Make use of your website and other digital properties, especially social media, to spread the word about your loyalty programme. Getting to know your former customers by name is easy with the help of social media. When you greet regulars by name, you show them that you remember them and value their business.

thehotel oasis
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