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Here's How to Record a Xiaomi Mobile Screen with Sound

Here's How to Record a Xiaomi Mobile Screen with Sound

Want to know how to record the screen on a Xiaomi cellphone with sound? see the editorial review below to find out the steps on how to do it.

All of you must have seen video shows that come from cellphone screen captures or recordings. For example, video shows when playing games on cellphones, which are recorded and then uploaded on social media or Youtube.

This video will show how the user plays the game which is quite exciting because it is also equipped with audio from the game itself.

So, if you are also interested in doing the same thing, namely recording the screen while playing games on a Xiaomi cellphone with sound, please follow the guidelines in the tutorial that the editorial team has prepared below.

How to record Xiaomi's cellphone screen with sound

Why is Xiaomi's cellphone memory full even though there are few applications

As we know, cellphones from Xiaomi have pretty good specifications and support for attractive features but at an affordable price tag.

So it's no wonder that this cellphone brand is quite popular among smartphone users in Indonesia.

Especially for screen recording on Xiaomi cellphones, it turns out that users can do this easily even without the help of any additional applications.

Because Xiaomi itself has equipped their cellphones with built-in features that are useful for recording cellphone screens as well as audio.

For how to record the Xiaomi cellphone screen with sound without additional applications and only rely on the default cellphone features, please refer to the steps below.

The first step, open the 'Tools' menu on your Xiaomi cellphone.

Next, open the application called screen recorder which is in the Tools menu

If the screen recorder application is already open, then click on Settings at the top right of the screen

Several setting options will appear later, such as resolution, video quality, sound source, and other features.

Make settings for sound output

Next, please press the 'Screen Recording' button with the camera icon at the bottom left to start recording the screen.

Open the application that you want to record with screen recording. If so, click the 'Start' menu which usually appears on the screen.

When you have finished recording, press the box button next to the recording time.

The results of the screen recording will appear in the 'Gallery' menu of the Xiaomi cellphone that you are using

As information, in the process of recording the screen on this Xiaomi cellphone, the recording results will have a fairly large file size, depending on the duration or time of recording.

Therefore, it is highly recommended if the device you are using has enough storage space so that the video results can be stored on your cellphone.


Actually, for how to record a Xiaomi cellphone screen with sound like this, it's quite easy to do, because Xiaomi itself has provided features for this need.

By utilizing default applications like this, you no longer need to bother installing additional applications so that you will save more storage space.

Especially if you want to try to create a Youtube channel with content to play games via cellphone, then you can try this method.

By recording your cellphone screen when you play games, you can channel your hobby of playing games and at the same time earn money from playing video games that you upload.

Recording the cellphone screen is also useful if you want to make tutorials using certain applications, or provide tips about using smartphone applications.

This is information from the editor about how to record the screen on a Xiaomi cellphone with sound, I hope the information that the editor conveyed in this article is useful for you.

Good luck and good luck.

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