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Your Guide to Artificial Lawn Maintenance

Darah Albesa
Your Guide to Artificial Lawn Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf in Auckland is low maintenance and easy to preserve. However, it still requires maintenance and care to keep it in the best condition possible to get your money's worth. 


To help you get the most out of your synthetic turf, we share ways to take care of your artificial lawn to maximise its lifespan. 


Hose off the surface periodically.

While it's true that an artificial lawn doesn't require watering, occasionally washing the surface is a must to keep it clean. Rinsing the surface keeps pollutants and pollens out of the way. Since artificial turf in Auckland often comes with drainage, you won't have a wet lawn after giving it a quick shower. 


Brush the surface regularly.

A rigid yard brush will keep your artificial lawn neat and improve curb appeal. You must brush the surface more often if you frequently step on the synthetic turf. When you brush against the fibres, you get optimal results. 


Remove leaves and debris.

Removing falling leaves and other garden debris off your artificial lawn's surface is vital. You can use a leaf blower to remove the debris. If you don't have a leaf blower, a rake or broom will do! If debris continues to gather on your artificial lawn, it becomes more susceptible to weeds popping up around the edges. When trees and shrubs surround your lawn, you must make it a habit to remove leaves and debris. 


Apply weed killer.

It's best to use a weed killer several times a year to keep the weeds away from your synthetic lawn. Weeds on your artificial lawn will shorten its lifespan. If you notice weeds growing on the grass fibres, they're easy to remove. You can pluck the weeds by hand or use gardening tools to take them out. If you don't use your lawn often, you should still apply weed killer now and then as a preventative measure. 


Clean out pet waste.

Fur babies are another reason artificial lawns require maintenance. Cleaning your pet's waste is simple. You can pick up their droppings using gloves and a plastic bag to toss them away. Afterwards, hose off the surface to remove the remaining odours and residue. If you want to make it squeaky clean, you can spritz some antibacterial spray on the artificial turf's surface. 


Spot clean common stains.

An artificial lawn is like having a newly bought carpet. Once you start noticing stains, it's best to rinse them out before they become impossible to remove. You can use a mild soap or household cleaner for food and drink spills that may end up on your artificial turf. Tougher stains may need special grease to remove the dirt off your synthetic grass fibres. 


Following these simple tips, your artificial lawn will be pristine. Upkeeping artificial turf in Auckland might seem challenging, considering the unpredictable weather conditions. However, maintenance will be a breeze once you get the hang of taking care of your synthetic turf

Darah Albesa
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