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Make The Right Parcel Delivery Decision For Your Business

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Make The Right Parcel Delivery Decision For Your Business

Today, just about every business has a parcel delivery option as part of their services. It's an affordable and convenient solution with many advantages to companies. But the most important thing to focus on when choosing your parcel delivery service is not the cost in itself; it's the way parcels are handled by your business. There are three ways that a company can handle parcels: general consignment, second-party rights, and management control. A majority of companies choose one or two out of these three options for their parcel service and keep costs low but increase efficiency at the same time.

How to Make the Right Parcel Delivery Decision for Your Business:

Not all parcel services are created equal. They use different standards than other companies and may use costless delivery services to make deliveries. As you're researching a parcel service provider, check out their delivery services, customer service, prices, and how they handle parcels. Is the parcel service going to use a new-age container or will it be recycled? Will it be shipped at the same time as the product? What's their setup like to make deliveries? How will they handle shipments sent in bulk or on pallets?

Three Things To Look For:

1. Delivery Rates:

Generally speaking, there are two types of rates that you'll find with shipping companies; flat-rate products and per-hour products.

2. Access to Locations:

If you're sending a parcel to a location with either limited space or less-than-ideal conditions for storage, do your research on the types of shipping containers and vehicles being used. Will the parcel service be using outside delivery locations? A good option is having your parcels moved by trucks and then treated inside a specialized warehouse environment. This will ensure that your parcels are covered during transit, however, you can still have them on pallets if needed.

3. Parcel Pick Up:

If you want to check out options as far as when you can pick up your parcel, make sure to get quotes from different delivery services before making any decisions. Will you be able to pick up your parcel when it arrives at the drop-off location? How will the delivery service handle items that need to be tagged?


As you can see, choosing a parcel delivery service is more than just price. While the cost is important, it should not be your only deciding factor when you're hiring a parcel delivery company. Instead of looking at the price tag of your shipping service, focus on the delivery rates, timely deliveries, and the overall process used to make deliveries.

Make sure to consider all three options before making a decision on how to handle your parcels. Second-party rights are an affordable option for companies that want control over their shipments but do not want to spend as much money or time on management control.

Ship2Anywhere Aus
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