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How Do You Find Your Zodiac Constellation?

acharya kunjka
How Do You Find Your Zodiac Constellation?

The groups of stars found in the zodiac will most likely ring a bell. Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, or Scorpio are recognizable names to the vast majority of us. When gathered with the other Zodiac star groupings, which amount to twelve, they structure an example overhead. This example has been utilized for a very long time by cosmologists, as it makes it simpler for spectators to follow the development of the planetary group and the stars all through the year.

Constellation for Sagittarius

At the end of every year, approximately between November 23 and December 21, the sun passes through the Sagittarius constellation. The Greeks called Sagittarius The Archer because it reminded them of the centaur, who was represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow, in their mythology.

Constellation for Capricorn

The sun transits through the Capricorn constellation in January through February. It’s sometimes called The Sea Goat since the ancient Greeks compared it to a goat with a fish instead of a tail. It is one of the four cardinal signs and it traditionally marked the winter solstice. The name Capricorn is a direct heritage from the ancient Greeks. As the myth goes, Capricorn was the first hybrid creature created by Hermes, the messenger god.

Constellation for Aquarius

In February, it’s Aquarius, or the Water Bear, which is on the path of the sun along the ecliptic. This constellation is one of the oldest we know, as it was coined by the ancient Babylonians, who thought it resembled an old man pouring water from a pitcher. This metaphor meant to them that Aquarius was the bringer of rain. It was also a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Constellation for Pisces

Pisces, or “The Fishes”, becomes prominent in the ecliptic every year in the month of March. The Pisces constellation represents the Greco-Roman goddess Venus, or Aphrodite in its Greek name. The myth says the goddess turned herself into a fish in order to escape from an evil monster.

Constellation for Aries

Aries shows up in the month of April. This constellation of the Zodiac is also known as “The Ram”, and is one of the four cardinal signs. This is yet another heritage from Greek mythology, in which Aries was a legendary ram with wings, and also represented Ares, the god of war. For the ancient Babylonians, however, the Aries constellation represented the Spring equinox and was a symbol of fertility.

Constellation for Taurus

The constellation of Taurus reaches its highest point between the months of April and May. Cultures all over the world recognize the Taurus constellation as the shape of a bull. It’s named after the Roman god Jupiter, or Zeus according to the Greek tradition, who would turn himself into a bull to visit the world of the mortals. It also traditionally symbolized the coming of spring and was considered a sign of fertility.

Constellation for Cancer

The Cancer constellation becomes visible to the naked eye in July. It is also known as “The Crab” because of its multiple legs and extremities. According to ancient Greek legend, the gigantic crab is one of the many creatures battled by the hero Heracles (also known as Hercules in the Roman tradition).

Constellation for Gemini

The constellation most prominent along the ecliptic during the month of June is Gemini, also called “The Twins”. Its shape reminded the ancient Greeks of the twin sons of Zeus. In fact, its brightest stars, Castor and Pollux, represent the Gemini twins. The most popular story of Gemini tells that the twins partook in cattle theft when the Milky Way was made up of a herd of dairy cows.

Constellation for Leo

By the end of the month of July, and during most of August, it is the constellation of Leo which lies along the path of the sun. For ancient observers, it resembled the shape of a lion. A fun fact about these constellations is that ancient Egyptians would recognize the coming of Leo due to the timing of the Nile tide.

Constellation for Virgo

Most prominent in September, the Virgo constellation is called “The Maiden” and is usually depicted as a lady holding grains of wheat. It symbolized the harvest for both the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Other associations attributed to Virgo are prosperity, justice and purity.

Constellation for Libra

The sun passes through Libra between September and October when the days and nights are roughly equal in length. It is considered a symbol of balance. Curiously, it is the only constellation of the Zodiac not represented by a creature, animal or person.

Constellation for Scorpio

Easily to infer from its name, the Scorpio constellation has the shape of a scorpion. The Sun transits this constellation on average from October 23 to November 22. According to the myth, the Scorpio constellation was created by the Greek deity Artemis, the goddess of hunting, wild animals, and the wilderness.

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acharya kunjka
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