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What happens, when Saturn is in your zodiac sign?

acharya kunjka
What happens, when Saturn is in your zodiac sign?

Saturn is the second-biggest planet in our nearby planetary group, which is joined by 50+ satellites of its own. According to the standards of Vedic Soothsaying and Zero Numerology, Saturn is likewise a critical planet in everybody's life which runs the tenth house and eleventh place of Kal Purush Kundali. In Unremarkable Soothsaying, Saturn is answerable for a majority rules system, general society, and the government assistance of general society at large. On June 5, Saturn is turning retrograde in its own sign, i.e., Aquarius, where it would be until July 12.

Saturn in Aries Impact and Traits

Saturn retrograde will give mixed results to the people of this zodiac sign. You will get the job of your choice accompanied by fame and name. The people who are associated with politics will win the elections. This retrograde will cause some financial problems for you. It is advisable not to invest in anything as you will land in trouble. The effect of Saturn can be seen even in your married life. Fights would be there with your partner, which would lead to tensions and misunderstandings. But there would be auspicious work at home.

Saturn in Taurus Impact and Traits

Saturn, its movement would bring in some positive results. Some of your jobs that kept pending for a long will get completed. You would start a new work, but it would not be successful easily as their movements will go on slowly. At this time, it is advisable to remain alert to your family atmosphere. At home, the health of either your mother or another elderly woman would create a problem. You may have to face delays in the completion of some work. You need to keep calm and not worry a lot; Saturn will give you positive results.

Saturn in Gemini Impact and Traits

The movement of Saturn in the retrograde might affect your workplace. It would bring hindrance in your work or some problem in your job. A sort of negative vibes may be generated; at home that might lead to disagreements with your elder brother. To create a good atmosphere in the office, you will have to do your work with dedication and honesty. Due to the movement of Saturn, you might intend to change the job again and again. It will even stop you from doing any religious work. You may not feel comfortable sitting and praying at the place where you used to do it. You may even not get time to do puja. It is better to be calm to deal with a situation.

Saturn in Cancer Impact and Traits

Many problems may arise in many facets of your life due to the movement of Saturn. There are chances that some of you might face an accident. You might get hurt and bruised. Along with your health, it is advisable to take care of the health of your father. There might be an effect on the economic conditions, or there may be a decrease in your income. Many of your work that was on the verge of completion would delay. It is not the proper time to make big decisions. It is advisable to put a stay on such decisions. It is also necessary to keep control of the expenses. Time to be alert; otherwise, this may bring bad results for you. 

Saturn in Leo Impact and Traits

The movement of Saturn will bring many good results for the profession that you are following. Along with the good results in professional life, you will be successful in work associated with foreign or might even get a chance to settle outside. With success, you will become proud, and it will bring a downfall in your social image. A piece of advice is to keep control of your achievements and behave nicely. The people waiting to get a job in a foreign country would get it. Others who are waiting for change will get an opportunity to do that.

Saturn in Virgo Impact and Traits

Saturn's movement is bringing a good time for you. It would be a time when you would progress and would achieve great heights. This movement would give the students who sat in the competitive exams a chance to get a job, and people already working would get good opportunities. You would win in the conversation that had been going on for a long. There are chances that the court verdict will come in your favour, and you will achieve victory over your enemies. Financial conditions and social progress would be there.  

Saturn in Libra Impact and Traits

On June 4, Saturn is moving into your fifth house. It will create profitable opportunities for you. This movement will certainly provide good results in child prosperity, education, and job. For many of you, it would not only be a chance to profit accompanied by the removal of all the obstacles from the path. Students appearing in the competitive exams this time will be very blissful. It is advised to the students to work hard for the competitive exams and should achieve their goals.

Saturn in Scorpio Impact and Traits

The movement of Saturn in your sign will not bring not very good results. You will not have to face any inaccurate consequences. There would be a delay in the work, but it will be completed. To complete your job, you would have to work many times. There may be chances that you may feel lazy about doing work or the delay in finishing work might create anger and gloominess in you. Apart from it, the father's illness will be a matter of concern. Your enemies will stand against you and will try to hurt you. But this condition is not to worry about a lot as you will certainly get good results, though those results will come after some delay.

Saturn in Sagittarius Impact and Traits

As the planet of expansion, growth and luck, Jupiter is what gives Sagittarius a carefree and optimistic outlook on life. Also, as a planet of wisdom, that further enhances this zodiac sign’s curious nature about exploring every piece of themselves, others and the world. Jupiter is all about “going big” and not being limited, which is why many Sagittarians end up being eternal sojourners eager to attain never-ending wisdom.

Saturn in Capricorn Impact and Traits

A piece of advice during this movement of Saturn is to be careful. It will bring a negative effect on your career. There might be chances that you will have to face difficulties in your career. Your anger and habit of talking bitterly with others might cause problems for you. There are chances that you may lose money. Your wife might suffer from some health issues. Some disagreements with your partner and losses might occur in your business done in partnership. It is advisable to be patient and control your emotions. 

Saturn in Aquarius Impact and Traits

This movement of Saturn might not bring good results for you. The movement of Saturn will bring problems to your personal life. There are chances that your marriage will be over. There will be many misunderstandings in your personal life. Stop yourself from investing in any of the places. Don't plan for the marriage during this period. Be righteous in your behavior towards your relatives. For some people, the movement of Saturn according to their horoscope might bring good results for you. A piece of advice is to check on your wife's health. 

Saturn in Pisces Impact and Traits

A bag of mixed results waits for the people of this zodiac sign. Some people may face health issues, economic loss, social shame, and fights in the family. No pessimistic results can be there if the planet Saturn is on the progressive side of your horoscope. To bring harmony, you need to respect elders and be polite to all the family members. You will have to be polite and helpful to your neighbors to create a harmonious atmosphere.  

Talk to expert astrologers to know all about Your Personal Zodiac Sign on Saturn Planet.

acharya kunjka
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