How to burn calories at your desk

Jake Paul

If you have a job that requires sitting for prolonged periods of time, then you are more likely to be overweight. Sitting for long hours can lead to weight gain and can also lead to other health problems.

Some people think that office work is a sedentary job because they sit in one place all day. But there are ways you can burn calories while working at your desk.

Stand up for a few minutes every hour

Standing up for a few minutes every hour while working can help you to stay more focused and productive.

The human body was not designed to sit at a desk all day long. We are not built for this. When we sit, our spine is in a slouched position which can lead to problems like back pain, neck pain, and other health issues.

It is important that we take care of our bodies and give them a break every once in awhile. Standing up for just five minutes every hour will help us avoid these health issues by increasing circulation throughout the body

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

The act of climbing stairs helps boost your metabolism which leads to burning more calories. Studies have shown that people who take the stairs for a minute burn 5 to 10 calories.

Taking the stairs will give you some much-needed energy because it gets your blood pumping and produces endorphins. Elevator rides don't produce any endorphins in comparison! This will help with concentration and productivity throughout the day.

Walk around when on the phone, instead of sitting in one place

It’s a good idea to walk around when on the phone instead of sitting in one place at work. It will prevent you from sitting for too long and it will also provide you with some exercise.

Use a standing desk at least part of the time

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. They are a great way to burn some extra calories and work on your posture at the same time.

Standing desks or sit-stand desks can be set up for either sitting or standing, so you can switch back and forth throughout the day. This is a great way to get some variation in your work day.

The benefits of standing desks include:

  • Burning calories
  • Improving posture
  • Reducing back pain

Walk around and stretch the office during work breaks

It is important to take a break from your work schedule.

The best way to do this is to walk around the office for about 10 minutes or to go outdoors for about 10 to 20 minutes.

When you have a chance, you can also stretch your legs and back by standing up from your seat and doing some stretching exercises.

Stretching will help relieve tension in the lower back and other muscles that may have been tight or strained during long periods of sitting.

Sit on a stability ball

The stability ball has been a popular fitness tool in gyms for years. But now, it’s also becoming a popular work tool. The ball can be used to sit on while you work.

The stability ball is a great way to improve your balance and core strength. It can also help you burn more calories than if you were sitting in a chair all day.

Do desk exercises

Desk exercises are a great way to burn calories and get a much-needed break from the office.

Sit up straight in your chair with your feet on the ground, then lean forward and touch your toes for 2 minutes. Repeat 10 times.

Stand up and put both hands on the back of your chair, then lean back as far as possible without falling over for 2 minutes. Repeat 10 times.

Stand up, place your hands on your desk, and lift yourself up onto your toes. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position by placing your heels back down on the ground. Repeat 2-3 times.

Sit in your chair with one leg crossed over the other, then lean forward until you feel the tension in the front of your thigh muscles. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, then slowly return to starting position by crossing your legs and sitting up straight again. Repeat 2-3 times on each leg.

Snack low-calorie foods

Low-calorie foods are the best way to keep your energy levels up and prevent yourself from overeating throughout the day. Some examples include:

  • Fruits: They are healthy and refreshing without adding too many calories.
  • Nuts: Nuts are a great source of protein that will keep you full for longer periods of time.
  • Protein bars: Protein bars are great for those who need a quick on-the-go source of protein.

Final words

You need to be aware of how much time you spend in front of your computers. If you're not careful, your sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and health problems. The best way to prevent this is by taking breaks every hour and doing light exercises at your desk or getting up for a few minutes to walk around the office.

Jake Paul
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