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The Ossisto Risk Assessment program quickly performs IT RISK ASSESSMENT across all types and sizes of IT infrastructure. Tools for secure Active directory and other technologies with quickly accessible action items. a Microsoft Gold Partner offering Managed Services for the Cloud, Active Directory Tools, IT Risk Assessment Software, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions all in one location. Our products work with many different platforms and technologies. Have a piece of software designed and created by Microsoft-certified professionals who handle your IT risk assessments.

Complete IT risk assessments are provided by Ossisto 365 IT Scanner, which also effortlessly finds any hidden problems with Microsoft Active Directory tools and makes useful recommendations for efforts involving AD risk remediation, security, and hardening.

How Do I Generate Reports to See What Is Happening in My AD Environment?

Active Directory Reports

Generating reports in Active Directory; this is a common request by many managers and will be for years to come. Managers think that Active Directory is like a SQL database and you can run queries and pull reports.

It is only partially true, you can run queries, and this is advanced PowerShell queries to perhaps pull information about a distribution group or finding all users with an attribute for instance.

If you have the PowerShell skill, you can generate HTML reports from using style sheets in your PowerShell query. However, you are limited with what you can do with reporting.



Here is an example of a script (*this is not my own work) that is available on the internet:


$way = Read-Host ‘Do you want to export AD group membership to a file? (y/n)’

If ($way -eq “y” -Or $way -eq “Y”)


Write-Host “`nThis output will be saved to a File named: username.csv in the C:\temp folder location”

$name = Read-Host “`nWhat username do you want to find the Group Membership of? “

Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $name | Select Name | Export-CSV -path C:\Temp\$name.csv -NoTypeInformation

} Else {

$name = Read-Host “`nWhat username do you want to find the group membership of? “

Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $name | Select Name | out-host

Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $name | Select Name | clip

write-host “`nThis has also been copied to your clipboard.” -Foregroundcolor yellow




Now, what Active Directory management tools are available to run reports? There are several companies on the internet that provide services like this at a premium bundle. Some offer the first 5 items free then you need to pay per user etc.

Ossisto’s risk assessment software, the O365 IT Health & Risk Scanner is a tool that can provide you hassle free reports. This software has its own database and an agent is installed on your domain controllers. Once the Scanner has executed the tests you select, you can use the collected data to publish reports.

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