Top Trends Affecting The Trucking Industry In 2022

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Professional truck services are an essential and integral part of American businesses and individuals. Each stakeholder in freight transportation management is susceptible to trends affecting the trucking industry. They are mainly concerned about the safety of the trucking services in transporting goods and materials. During the pandemic, this dependence has increased manyfold and the current supply chain issues have aggravated it further. The trucking industry has quite successfully turned the tide of the pandemic into their prosperity.

According to a recent report, around 71% of all commodities are transported by professional truck services in the USA. Previously, the industry has witnessed major eventful changes influencing the overall performance of this sector. In the past, we have witnessed major events that had shaped the way things are done within the industry. Looking ahead to the rest of 2022, this blog will highlight a few trends that could transform the trucking industry. So keep a watchful eye while reading this blog.

Top Trucking Industry Trends In 2022:

#1 Growing Fuel Costs & Financial Losses:

Experts and transport operators have always believed that fuel constitutes the largest cost component of the trucking industry. After the pandemic, the fuel price could not keep pace with the growing market demand. The factors like the Russia-Ukraine war have also fueled the diesel price. Now industries need fuel more than ever. The current per-gallon diesel price is almost $1148 higher than a year before. As prices continue to shoot, the freight charges and transportation costs will also rise.

One of the critical trends affecting the trucking industry is the poor financial conditions of the trucking companies. In the last few years, several trucking companies have had to close shops due to the market situation. It cost the industry the loss of 3000 jobs of truck drivers. The lack of professional drivers and reliable truck companies will significantly influence the future of trucking services. However, the lack of professional operators has also opened up opportunities for new companies and professionals to fill the vacuum. The industry can expect more mergers to tackle the current trucking crisis.

#2 Growing Influence Of Technology:

In the next few years, experts believe that emerging technologies will have the ultimate say in the industry. The industry has already seen the bygone days of papers. Now it is time for smart technologies like tracking and routing to take over. Like many other states, truck rental services in Indiana have also incorporated these changes. These changes will evolve in the future. Smart technological solutions will anchor the course of the trucking industry in the coming days.

A recent survey suggests that in the next 5 years, most loading will be booked by using smart apps. Very soon, the tracking and shipping management will be controlled and operated by the data analytic features of the software. The emergence of artificial intelligence, EVs, and vehicle automation will call the shot.

#3 Increasing Potentials In Freight Volume:

The American Trucking Association has projected a 24% increase in freight volume this year. As the pandemic has started to show signs of its departure, the market demand has also started to pick up. Though an increase in freight volume is good for the industry, this will certainly put additional pressure on it. So, the trucking industry is all set to move forward and economize on time and resources. Top companies such as truck rental services in Indiana are likely to use trucking tools and apps more often.

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