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Fair Credit Billing Act - Keep Your Credit Score Good!

Skyler Terrell
Fair Credit Billing Act - Keep Your Credit Score Good!

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) outlines consumers' rights to dispute unauthorized charges, charges with errors, and undelivered goods or services. The FCBA is an amendment to the Truth in Lending Act, which requires lenders to provide consumers with information about their rates.

Looking to avoid any legal trouble with your credit card? Look no further than the FCBA! Our maximum liability for unauthorized use of your credit card is $50, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

We're here to help you understand your consumer rights and how to dispute errors on government websites. Check out the FTC website for more information.

Get a fair credit billing act to protect your credit.

Looking to protect yourself from unfair billing problems? The Fair Credit Billing Act is here to help! This law covers situations such as credit reports, billing errors, and more. Make sure you're doing your part by following the FCBA to stay protected!

Unauthorized or fraudulent charges

Charges showing the wrong date or amount

Charges on goods or services that were misrepresented

Charges on goods or services that weren’t delivered

Math errors

Statements delivered to the wrong address

Suspicious charges

Get Help to dispute your credit or debit charge under the Fair Credit Billing Act!

If you have questions about your account or billing, we suggest you contact our customer service team. Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you get answers to your questions. We want to make sure that our customers have a smooth experience with our company and that their information is accurate. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

To dispute a charge, send the creditor:

Your name and address

Your account number

A description of the billing error

Looking to get your bills paid properly? Make sure you send this letter to the creditor's address for billing inquiries! This will ensure proper payment and accuracy.

Looking for a reliable and affordable legal service? Look no further than FCBA. We’ll take care of everything for you, from the initial investigation to the final judgment.

You must dispute the charge within 60 days of receiving your bill

Your creditor must acknowledge the dispute within 30 days

Your creditor must complete the investigation within two billing cycles

You have 10 days to challenge the results of the investigation

Looking for a way to get your creditor to credit your account quickly and without any late fees or charges? Look no further than our trusted site! We'll help you get the most out of your credit score and remove any mistakes so you can focus on paying your bills.

Protecting your consumer rights when using a credit card

The FCBA provides dispute settlement procedures to rectify errors on your credit card statement. There are also protections for unauthorized charges.

Protect your card and get the best consumer rights possible

If you have your credit card lost or stolen, you have the right to file a theft report with your credit card issuer as soon as possible. This can help limit your liability and protect you from any future unauthorized charges.

You’re not liable for any charges if you report it stolen before it’s used

If charges are made before you report your credit card is stolen, you’re liable for up to $50

If your credit card number is stolen, such as via a skimmer, it’s treated the same as if your card was stolen

Just say no to merchant disputes!

The Fair Credit Billing Act can help if you need to dispute a charge with a merchant over the quality or receipt of goods or services that were purchased on a credit card. Since this isn't a billing error, the dispute procedure doesn't apply. However, you can take similar legal action against the merchant yourself.

In order to qualify for this protection, you must meet two requirements:

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The purchase must have been for an amount greater than $50

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Other consumer rights you should know

Looking for ways to get your credit score improved? Look no further than Fair Credit Billing Act-protected websites. These sites offer step-by-step procedures to get your score improved, so you can feel confident with your credit report.

Under the FCBA, businesses that offer you an open line of credit must:

Give you a written notice that describes your right to dispute billing errors

Provide a billing statement for each period in which you owe money or receive a finance charge

Send your credit card bill at least 21 days before your payment is due

Send your open-end credit bill before any finance charges are imposed and at least 14 days before a minimum payment is due

Credit all payments to your account on the date they're received

Promptly credit or refund overpayments and other amounts owed to your account

FAQs about the Fair Credit Billing Act

Are you wondering if the Fair Credit Billing Act still applies to your product? We have the answer for you!

Yes, the Fair Credit Billing Act is now in effect. Get started on your free credit report today.

Why was the Fair Credit Billing Act created?

Fair Credit Billing Act Protects Consumers from Unfair Credit Practices

Do Fair Credit Billing Act Apply To You?

The FCBA covers billing disputes related to an “open-end” credit account. The act does not apply to debit cards or loans such as mortgages or car loans.

Don't be left out in the cold - dispute a non-refundable charge!

If you have a dispute with your credit card company, you can do so without pay. Fair Credit Billing Act covers non-refundable charges.

Do you think your credit score goes down after a dispute?

Filing a billing dispute typically shouldn’t affect your credit. However, it’s important to note that a billing dispute is different from a credit report dispute.

How long do I have to notify my creditor if I move?

If you want to get out of your current contract without penalty, you must notify your creditor at least 20 days before your billing period ends.

Looking for a way to address inaccurate items on your credit report? Look no further than credit repair services! Our team of experts can help you address any concerns that may have arisen as a result of Fair Credit Billing Act violations.

Call now: (888) 804-0104.

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