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OTT Advertising In India: The Paradise Of Internet Advertising

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OTT Advertising In India: The Paradise Of Internet Advertising

OTT (Over The Top) refers to content providers that allocate streaming media as standalone products directly to the users over the internet, where mobile phones, laptops, and televisions act as controllers and distributors of the content. It uses software or an application that is installed on the user’s device to stream audio, video, and any other kind of media content. Also, services that come under OTT are mainly educational and entertaining. The number of OTT users has also dramatically increased in the last few years, and hence, this can be beneficial for brands to enhance their brand image and value in front of the users. OTT advertising revenue is expected to increase from 40% to 60% in the next few years. Therefore, AdTech pioneers and early adopters of OTT platforms will definitely get benefits in the near future. If you are also looking for advertising solutions for your brand and are looking forward to using OTT advertising to enhance sales and brand awareness as well, Read this blog thoroughly to learn the importance and types of OTT platforms available throughout the world:

Why Should You Use OTT Advertising?

Audience growth: India is one of the fastest-growing countries that is using OTT services, and therefore, the use of OTT advertising has also increased all over India. As per the reports, the number of OTT users is expected to reach 100 million by 2023. This has increased rapidly and dramatically over the last few years, and now it offers a large reach to a variety of audiences. It has also been expected that this will overtake traditional TV in the upcoming years. Khushi Ambient Media Solution is an OTT advertising agency with a team of expert marketers who use their years of experience to create cost-effective marketing plans for OTT services. We offer effective OTT advertising and influence consumers with the help of story narration.

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Low data ratesThe data rates in India have also been drastically decreased and just because of this, the number of OTT users has increased as it is much cheaper than purchasing a TV channel subscription. At this stage, the brand gets the high ground for its ad visibility, and the ratio of people recalling the brand is also higher. Therefore, using OTT advertising is profitable and effective as compared to any kind of traditional marketing.

Free-to-stream OTTSThere are many OTT platforms that mainly focus on advertising revenue models, and many of them are available for free to their users. In this app, audiences sign up by accepting the terms and conditions of their advertisement content. This is highly beneficial for brands as they get immense returns on their specific services and products.

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AnalyticsOTT platforms sometimes provide powerful analytic tools that are useful for both advertisers and content creators. This involves the views, data, and impressions within a particular period of time. Some OTT providers offer greater analytic tools to track real-time ad performance and offer the ad manager the ability to react in real time. Therefore, it helps the platforms and brands effectively connect with the audience and engage with the content they are watching and ads as well.

AIEffective and powerful AI tools are available for companies, and OTT platforms and software use these AI tools to determine the potential of their users regarding their next purchase. This helps the advertisers to sync the ads as per the interests and preferences of their users. This would be highly beneficial for both the advertisers and brands, as ads would be synced with the future purchases of the user.

Targeted ads: Most OTT platforms and advertisers offer targeted ads and real-time tracking of advertisements so that they can reach the potential customer base. In this case, users are targeted as per their age, gender, and preferences, as well as browsing habits on various parameters where the ads are placed. The major focus of this kind of OTT advertising is to show the ads to the right people at the right time with the right intention.

What Are Some Examples of OTT?

  • SonyLIV
  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • ALT Balaji
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • ErosNow
  • Netflix
  • Amazon’s Prime Video

The pandemic has changed people’s behavior and hence increased the number of users on OTT platforms. A significant rise has been seen in OTT viewers all over the world because of enhanced networks, better internet connectivity, and better smartphones. Therefore; this has enhanced the importance of OTT advertising and many brands are adopting OTT advertising just to effectively compete with the market.

Who Uses OTT advertising?

Software service providers, the telecom industry, finance companies, automobile businesses, sports brands, FMCG companies, and more than 60% of start-ups are using OTT advertising to achieve a good response to their products and services in the market.

Advantages of OTT Advertising

OTT advertising is a win-win for both sides.

Since they are no longer required to pay for cable TV, which is an inconvenient viewing choice and, to be honest, doesn’t always have fantastic new programming to offer, people adore it. Because of its incredible capacity to increase business sales through advertising, OTT Advertising firms adore it.

Here are some additional advantages that OTT advertising companies can make use of:

Accurate Targeting: OTT platforms with built-in analytics enable digital marketers to run compelling OTT advertising of shorter lengths to the relevant population as they are aware of the audience’s location. Targeting can be based on the device in use, region, type of content, ad preferences, gender, age, browsing patterns and much more.

Dynamic ad placement: You can switch out ad creatives in live or on-demand video content using over-the-top.

Advanced analytics: An OTT advertising firm can strategically use intelligence to determine which ads are working well and which are not by gathering specific, relevant data on your audience. And by doing this, they may adjust how they optimize future adverts.

Higher ROI: A problem with traditional TV advertising was making the ads relevant to the vast audience. You can choose your target market on an OTT platform and build ads that are really engaging and successful at generating conversions. Over-the-top platforms can therefore produce higher returns on investment.

What is the Future of OTT advertising?

As people continue to gravitate toward online streaming, OTT marketing and media is permanently disrupting the sector. OTT advertising has a promising future in India and elsewhere. With the fantastic original content that OTT channels have to offer, together with the simple watching options and cost-effective subscription method compared to cable, people’s streaming media experiences have improved significantly.

And it is because of this developing tendency that TV advertisers are increasingly turning to OTT marketing to broadcast their adverts and get the most rewards.

Your OTT advertising journey for your business can be effective and easier with the help of our experts in marketing and technology data-driven analysis. We will provide you with the highest quality of advertisements and marketing solutions and will only target specific audiences for your ads. We have all the effective tools and deep knowledge in this field that clearly communicate what steps need to be taken for the advertising of your business. Get in touch with us today to get the best advertising solution for your brand.

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