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Designer Drinkware: Serve and Sip in Style

Isabel Greenfield
Designer Drinkware: Serve and Sip in Style

A glass can change the way a drink tastes. I don't know if this is scientifically proven, but to me a proper glass, made of the right materials certainly will make a difference. If you're looking to buy a new set of drinkware, you’re probably a bit tired of the same-old models made of glass and the limited colours. If you're like me and are looking for something outstanding, that will look like a decor on its own, then you need designer drinkware. Sure, it's pricier than generic glasses and plates, but it's a perfect choice for a gift for yourself or a loved one. Is it worth it, most people wonder? I say, if it's properly made to last and it looks amazing, it surely is worth your money.

Designer Glasses

If you're a person who loves amazing mugs, cups and glasses that stand out and looks like decor on its own, then you should consider getting designer drinkware. Why are these glasses so special? First of all, they're different from the generic models you can find in stores. If you're tired of the same-old type of glasses, even if it's for water glasses, then don't hesitate to invest in a bit more expensive set. I know that most people aren't fond of overspending on something that can easily break, but designers usually create glassware of materials such as resin. Sure, you can find glass, crystal and other materials, but when spending a lot of money it’s better to go for something durable that won't break just like that.

What's Resin?

Resin is a thermoplastic that's extremely resilient and versatile. It was created in the 1930s when scientists were experimenting with naturally occurring resins (found in the bark of trees) and synthetic resin variants. This was the earliest ever discovered resin and was entirely different from the store-bought resin that’s available today. When resin polymer is combined with a catalyst (or hardener) it experiences a thermic reaction which forces the resin to solidify into a form of choice by use of a mould.

It's no wonder why designers love it because they can create anything from jewellery, home decor, kitchen utensils, glasses, plates and more. It's a versatile substance and allows artists to create anything from scratch. Besides that, it's very durable and will outlast any conventional material (the polymers won't degrade and can’t be easily damaged). So, yes, even if your resin glassware is frequently used (for any drink) it won't easily chip or break because it's much thicker than glass.

Create a Set

Your resin drinkware doesn't have to consist only glasses. You can get jugs for juice, milk, tea, or any other drink you like. Since these pieces are sold separately, you can easily create a set of your choice. I love that designer pieces like this don't limit you to purchasing an entire set; this way you get to buy mugs and jugs in various colours, plus additional pieces such as coasters.

How Many Glasses do You Need?

When buying your set, the first thing to consider is the number of pieces you need. These sets usually come with 4 to 14 glasses, but you don't have to buy that many if you need only two, for example. Also, the number depends on the number of people in your household. Maybe you need one cute mug for yourself or several for every member of your family. Some people need more for big friends and family gatherings.

What You'll Drink

The type of beverage you drink and how often you'll drink it is another thing to consider. Water, juice, wine or beer all require different glasses. For argument's sake, let's say you're looking for water glasses, you'll use on daily basis. Most people would want to get a more affordable set. But, if you're looking for a set for drinks such as wine or other drinks you probably won't drink every day, then fancier options are a good choice.

The cups, glasses or jugs on their own can be a piece of art and can work as a focal point on a tastefully decorated table. Also, drinking your favourite coffee, wine, whiskey or beer from a special mug or cup, can make the experience even better.

A Great Gift

Designer resin drinkware will surely catch your attention. They come in many different colours, and various shapes and surely aren't boring. Since resin gets its colour from pigments, the final results are outstanding. The final products often have interesting shading, just as the artist was mixing the resin and the colour. And this way you get to choose even the most impossible colour combinations (some colour pigments won't dissolve completely in the resin, which will result in a cool granular effect).

And the great thing is that this is one-of-a-kind design, so you can be sure that the designer mug or plate you want to get is the only piece in the world. That makes it a perfect choice for a gift for your person. It's a great housewarming present, but you can also choose it for birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any other event.

Isabel Greenfield
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