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Tips to conduct successful end-of-lease cleaning

Katie Caley
Tips to conduct successful end-of-lease cleaning

All packed to relocate to your new house? Before that, you need to ensure that the place you are currently living in is flawlessly clean. If you do not take care of it, you will not be able to get that bond money back. It is important to take it back, as your moving expenses will already take a toll on your pocket.


Conducting a proficient end of lease cleaning is one such option to make your house look spotless. Consider hiring professionals to help you with this. First and foremost, book professional end-of-lease cleaners carefully. By carefully, we mean looking at factors like experience, goodwill, the price quoted, the equipment used, the inclusive/exclusive list, etc.


Here are some tips.


· Create an inventory

If your landlord gave you a cleaning checklist when you moved in or you took pictures on day 1, then make a cleaning inventory accordingly. It will give you a clear idea of how to clean as per the expectations of the property owners. So, make a cleaning checklist accordingly. Your end-of-lease cleaners can also go by this list and clean accordingly.


Make sure that you do not miss the kitchen and restroom, as these are the places more prone to stains. There is no chance that your landlords will skip these areas.


· Declutter your house.

Lesser the things to clean, the easier will be the task. Start sorting each room to reduce your load. Sort things into categories. You can sort the stuff as things you can resell, things you can donate, or things to be disposed off. After doing this, your house will be more organized, and it will be easier for you to clean effectively. It is highly recommended to declutter the house thoroughly so that you can easily see and reach the areas that were ignored earlier.


· Move all your furniture.

Before you step into the dirt, make it a point to move your furniture out. Large and bulky goods are often kept in the house until you move out. But it is important to clean effectively by moving that fridge, tables, couch, etc. You may easily clean the drawers, cabinets, etc., but you may want to avoid heavy and bulky goods. You may now think that you can shift them for some while to clean maybe to another area of the house but do not go for this option at all. If you drag your things, it may result in damaging your tiles with scratches. Thus, call your movers first, let them use proper dollies to move that bulky furniture out, and then clean effectively. In this way, you will not miss any spots, and your cleaners will use less time and resources.


· Clean all metallic surfaces.

You may miss out on some metallic surfaces, but it is important to clean and scrub all the metallic surfaces. These are some important areas that your landlord will consider. It includes faucets, showerheads, and drain gates. There is a very famous hack of using vinegar and water solution on these metallic surfaces and then wiping it off. But many end-of-lease cleaners do not recommend it as you never know if the solution reacts negatively to the color of the metallic surface.


· Sparkle-clean your floor and tiles.

Even though you regularly mop your floor, it is not enough. It is so because your floor should not just look clean; it should be sparkling clean. It should look as new as when you first entered. Your end-of-lease cleaning service providers will have the right chemicals to help your tiles regain that shine.


· Deep clean your carpets

Carpets, being the most central and accessible areas of your house, attract dust and dirt. Even the stains from the last Christmas party are still there. Professional cleaners will help you deep clean your carpet. They will apply the technique according to your requirements. There are different types of carpet cleaning, like chemicals or vacuums. People even prefer taking a method that would use environment-friendly solutions but solve the purpose of getting rid of those stubborn stains.


· Cleaning products will make you win half the game.

Inquire from your cleaners about the products that they use. Inquire about some of the high-grade cleaning solutions and recommend those to your cleaners. Also, check if they have all the equipment and trained personnel to carry out the bond cleaning professionally.


These points will help you conduct your bond cleaning effectively and get your money back. This money can then be used to handle your moving expenses later.

Katie Caley
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