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Tips to Choose the Best Chew Toys for Dogs

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Tips to Choose the Best Chew Toys for Dogs

You might think of a toy as a luxury item for your pet, but for them, it is a necessity for their overall health and well-being. The modern-day pet toys, especially dog chew toys aren’t just designed to kill boredom; they are also helpful in relieving your pet’s anxiety and comfort it. But unfortunately, a big section of pet parents do not realize the importance of chew toys for dogs, and end up bringing home the ones that could do more harm than good. So, if you have also been using hard treats or bones to lure your pup, it is about time that you look back and reflect on how they would affect your little bundle of joy. Such chewing toys are very high in calories, and can make your pup gain unhealthy weight with regular use. 


If you have got a heavy chewer, chances are that you would look for an extra-durable chewing toy, but not knowing where to stop could cost your pup its teeth, and leave it in a pathetic condition. Thus, you also need to pay attention to the texture of your dog chew toys – they shouldn’t be too soft to be ruined the very first day, but they should also not be hard enough to hamper the oral health of your dog. An organic dog chew stick could be the perfect option for pet parents who do not want to compromise on the health and well-being of their little bundle of joy. These chew sticks can prove to be one of the best chew toys for small dogs, and here is how: 

Chewing is a Dog’s Natural Instinct

You cannot just keep your dog off its habit of chewing. Besides being its natural instinct, chewing also helps a pet pup clean its teeth and strengthen its jaws. Especially when a pup is going through its teething phase, it cannot help but constantly nibble on something. And when it doesn’t get access to the right chew toy, it starts to bite on things that you would want to keep off the table (like curtains, shoes, pillows, wires and furniture). Now let us discuss about dogs with different kinds of chewing habits and which would be the perfect dental chew toy for them!

Which Type of Chewer is Your Dog? 

  • Shredders 

Shredders are the heaviest chewer type on our list since they have a habit of tearing everything (be it a carpet or footwear) into pieces. Durability is the number one attribute to be considered while selecting a chew toy for them; strong rubber chew toys are indeed a good and long-lasting option. 


  • Eaters

As the name suggests, dogs who try to eat after chewing on things are referred to as ‘eaters’. If your dog tries to gulp down a chewed-up piece, it is an eater. Coffee wood chew sticks are an ideal toy option for these kinds of dogs as these sticks do not splinter to harm their gums, but break down into small, digestible chunks. 


  • Nibblers

Nibblers are usually smaller puppies who simply like to nibble on their favourite things like wires, a soft toy or a pair of slippers. They can be quite destructive, and hence, coffee wood chew sticks could serve as the best chew toys for small dogs as they wouldn’t have to end with bleeding gums. In fact, these chew sticks would improve their dental and oral health with regular use. 


  • Tuggers

If your pup just likes to hold onto things tight to satiate its anxiety, it is most probably a tugger. You can get them some nice soft toys to sleep with, or even high-quality dog chew toys

Wrapping Up

I believe that now you are well-equipped with the right information to look for the best chew toy for your pup. As we just discussed, not all dogs are same types of chewers, and you should remember this fact while choosing workable and safe toys for dogs. A dog chew stick is the best chew toys for small dogs and even big ones. You can reach out to an all-inclusive pet care product brand like Tinytails that offers dog chew stick in different sizes to suit all dog breeds of all sizes. You can choose the right coffee wood chew sticks based on your dog’s breed and weight, and notice them getting healthier and more active and playful.

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