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How to clean and maintain eyeglass frames?

How to clean and maintain eyeglass frames?

How to clean and maintain?

1. Use ultrasonic cleaning to remove the garbage inside by vibration. Generally, eye shops have this service, and it is basically free.

2. If the screw is loose, please take it to the optical shop in time and tighten it in time, otherwise the lens will easily fall to the ground and be broken. Do not handle it casually.

3. Beauty products with chemical ingredients such as cosmetics or face-lifting agents easy to fade the frame, please wipe it with a special cloth or paper for glasses.

4. Most of the eyes are folded gently from the left side of the temple first. If it is hard to fold from the right side first, it will cause the frame itself to be unbalanced and skewed, which will make you uncomfortable after wearing it.

5. In order to play the correct function of the glasses, the optical center of the lens is made in the part suitable for your eyes, please wear it in the correct position.

6. Taking and wearing glasses with one hand may easily deform the frame. If the frame is deformed, you should find a local optician to adjust the angle, and do not adjust it by yourself, so as not to break the lens and damage the frame.

7. Put it in a place where the sun easily shines for a long time because the frame is easy to fade under exposure to light and heat.

8. Wipe dry with a special cloth for glasses. Do not touch the lens with hard objects, do not wipe the lens with hand grease, and please wipe the lens with a clean lens cloth to reduce lens wear.

9. Do not place the convex surface of the lens downward. If not in use, put them in the eye box as much as possible. If the glasses are not worn, please wrap them with a lens cloth and put them in the lens box to avoid damage.

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What should I do if the mirror frame is dirty?

1. Frame glasses made of natural materials cannot be cleaned by ultrasonic waves, which can easily lead to heat deformation and break the frame of the glasses.

2. Metal frame glasses are particularly prone to allergies and are corroded by sweat secreted by the skin, so they must be wiped regularly. Of course, spectacle frames of other materials also need to regularly wipe off the sweat and grease adhering to them, which can increase the service life of the frame glasses.

3. Glasses with frames made of plate or plastic must not be exposed to the sun for a long time, nor soaked in hot water, which may easily cause deformation and breakage of the glasses frame.

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Spectacle frames should pay attention to a few details in daily use

1. If the pollution is light, just wipe it with a soft paper towel or lens cloth.

2. When the glasses are taken off, they should be placed away from children to prevent the glasses from being broken or causing harm to children.

3. When taking a bath, sauna, or sea bath, the glasses should be kept properly to avoid corrosion and damage to the glasses caused by water vapor or seawater.

4. When the glasses are not used for a long time, they should be stored in the mirror box.

5. If you put the glasses on the table, do not make the convex surface of the lens touch the table to avoid the mirror surface being worn.

6. Do not put the glasses in direct sunlight or on a heating bag to prevent the frame from deforming and fading.

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