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What is the Difference between International and Private CBSE schools in Bangalore?

parichit shenoy
What is the Difference between International and Private CBSE schools in Bangalore?

Finding the right school can be a very difficult task, with so many choices in the market which involve 3 different types of schools i.e International, private and Public schools. Choosing the best school with a great campus and quality education will make schooling much more enjoyable for Students. In this article taking International and private CBSE schools In Bangalore into consideration, we will figure out which one suits you the Best.

What is the basic difference between an International and a Private School?

Private schools: These schools are Non-Public schools and are not funded by the government. They believe in achieving competitive Academic performance. Students are offered admission based on their previous academic performances. These CBSE schools in Bangalore target local students. They support learning two languages i.e English as the 1st language and the local language as the 2nd 

International schools: These schools are Privately funded schools, which have a curriculum that lies in line with the International curriculum. Students of international schools can attend exams like International Baccalaureate (IB) that help them to prepare for International Diploma. These schools support the study of foreign languages and the students attending these schools will experience cultural diversity which is surely believed as a must for every student. 

What Makes International Schools Better than Private Schools

Student Growth 

International schools bring up a lot of opportunities for students. They have an opportunity to develop a foreign language skill which is very powerful and will open up a world full of job opportunities. They also have an opportunity to attend the International Baccalaureate Program which will help them to prepare for an International Diploma. As mentioned Earlier International CBSE schools in Bangalore have a curriculum that lies in line with the international curriculum due to which the students can find job opportunities in the Global Market.

Extra-curricular Activities

International CBSE schools in Bangalore have a lot to offer to their students. Apart from their top-class education and advanced language classes, They focus on balancing extracurricular activities with education. They have a wide range of extracurricular activities like Sports, music, art, dance, graphic skills, Photography, and many more. It is very important for a school to maintain a balance between education and extracurricular activities in order to keep the student interested. International schools provide excellent support for the mental, social and emotional development of a student.

Variety of Languages

In today's world, foreign languages are considered one of the most powerful skills any person can develop. This skill not only lets you communicate but also helps you to target higher job opportunities in the Global Market. Developing language skills has proved to be very beneficial for students. Thanks to International CBSE schools in Bangalore for providing an Advanced level of Language classes.

Smaller class strength helps Better understanding

Usually, CBSE schools in Bangalore do not focus much on class strength and they believe that their method of teaching makes it very understandable to students. It might be true for a few but International schools focus on the Teacher-Student ratio in order to help the students be engaged in the classroom. Their method of teaching and Practical learning sessions make a concept understandable and enjoyable to the students. Having a balanced teacher-student ratio also helps the teacher to focus on an individual student and help him/her overcome their weakness in subjects.

Disadvantages of an International School


The only major drawback of an international school compared to a private school is its high fees. 

Parents often believe that these schools provide expensive education but, There are international schools with fee structures matching Private and Public schools. One such school I would like to mention is Harvest International school. They are one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore providing quality education, Language options, Experiential learning, an international environment, and a huge chunk of extracurricular activities. They believe in Education Beyond classroom. Make no mistakes while choosing a school for your kid, Contact Harvest international Now!!


parichit shenoy
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