8 Best SaaS Collaboration Software for Project Management in 2023

Vartika Kashyap

The use of SaaS collaboration software is experiencing a huge increase in interest as a growing number of professionals choose to work in the comforts of their homes. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging for businesses to decide which platform to select. Similar to searching for a movie on the internet, you'll finally run into dozens of options.

Therefore, having a general concept of what to look for is helpful. Therefore, you can bridge the distance between those who work remotely with the aid of an online collaboration tool.

Additionally, you can schedule meetings online and make sure that each of your remote employees is aware of the agenda.

Before examining the collaboration tools offered by the top X SaaS providers, let’s just explore why you need SaaS-Enabled collaboration tools for your business.  

The Need for SaaS-Enabled Collaboration in Your Business

As many organizations are moving towards a long-term hybrid model, these cloud-based SaaS collaboration tools are on the rise. So, that is why understanding collaboration in its proper sense becomes crucial. Collaboration is the process of working together to achieve a specific goal or result, like working together on launching a new product.

Despite how simple might seem, collaboration has not always been an easy process for teams, or organizations. We have too many options thanks to the constantly evolving digital landscape, and numerous social media apps, devices, and systems. If not used carefully, unbridled digital freedom can hinder collaboration.

As a result, a requirement exists for a straightforward and single collaborative tool where you are able to:

  • Bring all the team members of your team together no matter where they are working from
  • Easy idea-sharing and brainstorming
  • Ensure that the entire team follows instructions exactly
  • Make sure that everyone is on the same page
  • Evaluate the continuous progress of your team

Real-time team collaboration is made possible by all of these benefits. The team is encouraged and motivated to accomplish more in less time once the information sharing is easy.

8 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

An online collaboration system that will keep your projects on track is essential. The top online collaboration tools for project managers are as follows:

1: ProofHub

ProofHub is the ideal SaaS collaboration software you require if you want to manage teams as well as projects using a single software program. It brings together all the necessary resources to promote cooperation and maintain task management. 

In ProofHub, you can create discussion topics and share ideas, files, and documents without having to navigate long email threads. Furthermore, you can add remarks, mention people, proof designs, and consolidate all client and team discussions in one place.

Key Features:

  • Create discussion topics to exchange ideas and mention people in conversations to get their attention
  • You can have one-on-one chat and group chat with your team members to brainstorm new ideas
  • Using markup tools, review, proofread, and annotate files.
  • Using the announcement section, you can convey information that may or may not be project-specific like celebrating significant accomplishments


Once you sign up you get a 14-days free trial. After this, you can choose from its two plans which cost as follows;

1: ULTIMATE CONTROL:  Flat $89/month billed annually 

2: ESSENTIAL: Flat $45/month billed annually

2: Blink

With Blink, which is one of the best SaaS collaboration software, you can combine instant messaging with cloud storage and workflow automation features, which is ideal for companies with customer-facing employees (such as those in retail, travel, and hospitality). An employee turnover rate was reduced as a result of introducing Blink's platform to their staff.

Key Features: 

  • Deskless teams, as well as office-based workers, will find it useful with its mobile-first platform
  • Two-way feedback is made possible through instant messaging, giving frontline employees a voice
  • You can easily access your daily processes and documents through the Hub
  • Zapier reduces friction and increases engagement by integrating micro-apps and integrations


Its ESSENTIAL plan starts from $3.40 per person, per month

3: Slack

The online collaboration software Slack is a leader and has been growing since its creation. In addition to offering users an instant messaging feature, advanced search capabilities, and file transfer options, Slack is often hailed as one of the best communication tools on the market.

Key Features

  • Organize your communication by department, topic, team, and channel
  • A quick search will help you find any information you need
  • Data security measures such as SSO and 2FA
  • The preferences feature allows for customization
  • Numerous third-party applications are easily integrated


Its free plan has limited features and its paid plan starts from $US7.25/ month per active user, per month.

4: Flowdock

Flowdock is a leading SaaS collaboration software that allows teams to organize their work across multiple locations and time zones and collaborate in real-time on projects. Team collaboration and progress are connected through flows in Flowdock. Additionally, it aggregates social media notifications as well as project and customer support information.

Key Features:


  • Threads are used to organize discussions.
  • To mark and distinguish important conversations, use color coding in conversations.
  • Make it simple for people to join discussions.
  • Utilize its mobile apps for iOS and Android to stay in touch. 


For pricing information, visit the Flowdock website.

5: Zenkit 

Zenkit seamlessly combines project and collaboration management, serving as the ideal setting for team members and business owners to interact and generate fresh concepts. Its greatest differentiator is that Zenkit has a perspective for just about everything, from satisfying organizing to project development monitoring, conversations to reports. All businesses can benefit from the functionalities of this collaboration solution, which include project management, CRM, support, recruitment, and much more. 

Key Features: 

  • A centralized location to view all assigned items
  • Keep track of tasks and events 
  • Invite coworkers and friends to work together
  • Receive notifications that are tailored to your needs. 


For pricing information, you can visit Zenkit website. 

6: Celoxis

A leading SaaS collaboration software, Celoxis allows project managers to properly plan, track, and work collaboratively online. It is regarded as an all-purpose collaboration tool that provides a wealth of functionalities, engaging reports, and various custom functions at a reasonable price. Streamlined cooperation also paves the way for simpler team resource planning, project management, risk management, and custom workflows. 

Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking of the budget, expenses, and profits
  • Insightful reports that can be customized to show data 
  • To collaborate quickly, share files, leave comments, and have discussions.
  • Data visualization reports that are informative and personalized 


Its CLOUD plan costs $22.50/ month, per user and its ON PREMISE costs $450 billed once for free support for 1 year, free clients and virtual users, and includes all upgrades

7: Flock 

Flock is a smooth and simple tool for team collaboration that boosts team efficiency by reducing email messages. You will not need to waste time on meetings anymore because you can discuss and debate on Flock chat. 

This SaaS collaboration software in the workplace allows you to communicate with your team via messages, video calls, manage the project with to-do lists, group discussions, polling data, and alerts, and incorporate your favorite programs. 

Key Features

  • A to-do item can be added directly to your account
  • You can move a Slack account to Flock without losing the history of conversations.
  • Flock offers read-only channels that enable particular organizational information, like HR policies or updates from the legal department, to have a designated location in a team messaging app.


For the pricing information, you can visit the Flock website. 

8: Fleep

A messenger called Fleep is designed for the best project collaboration. It eliminates the endless email threads and facilitates team communication. Try Fleep out because it allows you to share files, make audio and video calls, and have vibrant interaction with coworkers from other businesses or within your own business. 

Key Features: 

  • The application Fleep includes simple task management for the best project collaboration. 
  • To the side of each conversation, you can pin crucial messages. 
  • File exchange and Google Hangouts integration 


For the pricing information, visit Fleep’s pricing page.


To effectively communicate and maintain everything on track, consider utilizing online collaboration tools to their full potential. There are countless tools available, so before selecting one for your team, be sure you understand what you require. Keep in mind that collaboration is the one thing successful teams need to thrive. So, choosing the right SaaS collaboration software is essential for project managers.

Vartika Kashyap
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