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Lead Generation And Conversion Channel

B Prasad
Lead Generation And Conversion Channel

According to a recent study published by Business2Community, 82% of consumers want immediate responses to their questions when they are interacting with a brand online. Business Insider predicts that by 2023, chatbots will save companies in the healthcare, banking, and retail sectors upwards of $11 billion!

Chatbots are everywhere, and of all the platforms to build these automation flows on, WhatsApp stands out from the pack. With over 2 billion users globally, adopting WhatsApp as one of your main channels for support, communication, and content distribution is a no-brainer. It is an environment where potential customers are already comfortable, making them more agreeable to your messaging.

Let us delve into what makes WhatsApp a uniquely strong option for chatbot automation, customer service, lead generation, and engagement.

Unparalleled reach

As we have mentioned, WhatsApp is by far the most widely used messaging app in the world today. Billions of messages are exchanged daily between users of all demographics. A German study showed that around 63% of WhatsApp users use the app daily, which is significantly more than apps like Instagram (13%).

From these numbers, we can infer that WhatsApp has become essential to people’s texting. Unlike calling a 1-800 number or writing an email, messaging a business on WhatsApp feels natural.

The wide reach also means that WhatsApp is the best channel for receiving important or urgent notifications such as shipping updates or a flight getting delayed.

High alignment between user intent and platform capabilities

According to a Tyntec study, most users polled would like to get tasks like tracking deliveries, schedule delay updates, and appointment settings are done on WhatsApp. With the help of solution providers like Karix, the WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to greatly reduce the number of steps it takes to perform common tasks and move them closer to conversion without leaving the chat window.

What’s more, the API encourages businesses to reply to incoming messages quickly by enforcing a 24-hour Session Messaging window.

Automation and scalability

Research done by Autodesk shows that approximately 50% of user queries can be answered by chatbots. This automation run 24/7 and can solve multiple problems simultaneously.

This cuts down the staffing cost for customer service agents massively. It also frees up human resources for utilization in more complex or nuanced tasks that cannot be handled by an automated conversation.

Additionally, when you use a platform like the WhatsApp Business API, you can code your chatbot to raise a ticket with all the details of the user’s problem making it much easier for a human agent to gain context when the ticket is transferred to them.

WhatsApp Lead Generation and Conversion Use Cases

One of the wonderful things about WhatsApp Business is that all the conversations must be initiated by the customer. This opt-in mentally moves them one step further along the journey to conversion since they voluntarily engage in the conversation.

Let us talk about a few ideas for how WhatsApp Business can be used to create deep customer connections, generate new leads, and convert them into paying customers.


Nobody likes being cold called at random times of the day about ‘a new car you might be interested in.’

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses in the automotive space to reach out to potential customers about new product launches in an engaging and non-intrusive manner. A lot of your potential buyers are most likely already using WhatsApp regularly.

By creating a series of conversational flows that highlight the key features of the vehicle, you can pique the interest of potential buyers.

If they proceed far enough into the conversation and indicate enough interest, you can offer them the option to schedule a test-drive session within WhatsApp.

One of the major consideration’s prospects have when they are looking for a vehicle to buy is comparing the features of the car they’re looking at to others on the market – ‘Product X vs Product Y’. This is where the flexibility of WhatsApp as a platform shines through – you can easily send prospects product comparison videos, FAQ documents, spec sheets, and brochures over chat so they can go through all the technical details they need to make an informed buying decision.

In addition, sending them engaging videos which show the car in action on different terrains and locations can really solidify their vision of seeing themselves owning and enjoying the vehicle.

To reach out to as many potential buyers as possible, you can target your specific demographic with click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram.


WhatsApp is a great tool to improve conversion rates from the traffic you are already generating through your website and your social media platforms. Instead of asking people to opt-in to an email newsletter or communicate via a different third-party chatbot service, you can just drive them to a WhatsApp conversation to continue the conversation.

Within WhatsApp, it is much easier to gauge user intent and gently nudge them toward a conversion by offering specific product links and product guides.

For example, if they are considering a specific piece of furniture, you can send them different finishing options to help them visualize how it would look in their living room. Additionally, you can send them detailed product guides and images/videos of other customers using the same or related products so they can make a more informed decision. Send them links to buy the product in question at the appropriate time within the chat. If they so desire, give them the option to speak to an expert who can answer any other questions they may have

before buying.


If you are a banking firm or a financial advisory company, WhatsApp is a great platform to create lasting customer relationships and offer priority service to high-value clients.

Business owners are usually inundated with all kinds of unsolicited emails offering them memberships to exclusive clubs and ‘top-secret’ advice that will supposedly transform their businesses. The last thing they need from you is another few emails in their inbox which they won’t even open, let alone read.

Instead, you could create a click-to-WhatsApp campaign that targets business owners and high-income individuals and offers them no-fluff advice and answers to important questions they have. You can ask them a series of questions to gauge if they will be a good fit for your service. Once they are vetted, you can assign them a combination of automated chat flows and a personal customer service rep that will be available to answer their queries any time of the day or night.

WhatsApp messages have an open rate of over 95% across the board (99% in some cases) which in combination with all the other advantages WhatsApp has over traditional channels like SMS or email (automation, multimedia, interactivity) makes it a frontrunner for any lead generation or conversion campaigns you may want to undertake. Whether it is answering a few final doubts before the prospect clicks ‘Buy’ or impressing them with the spontaneity of your customer service to turn them into repeat buyers, WhatsApp Business is a must-have for brands who want serious growth.

We hope this article opens a few new frontiers for you to consider with your marketing campaigns. For more cutting-edge research and insider tips on using WhatsApp Business, stay tuned to the blog!

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