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10 Best Tips to Achieve Hydrated Skin

Lia Lorenzo
10 Best Tips to Achieve Hydrated Skin

Everyone wants to look their best, and the most obvious way of doing this is by improving the condition of your skin. Unfortunately, some of us have been dealt a bad hand naturally and have dehydrated skin.

If this sounds familiar, don't worry. There are ways to improve your skin’s hydration, detailed below. This article will discuss skincare tips to hydrate your skin and makeup tips to help you achieve a hydrated look. 

It Starts With Skincare

First things first, skin preparation. Many people think they can wash their face, apply moisturizer, and then go on with their day. Although this is a good start, you will need better results for your skin. 

If your skin is dry and doesn't glow, you might be compelled to slap on your favorite foundation and immediately give yourself the impression of healthy skin, but that's not the ideal way to do it. If you want to maximize the effects of your makeup, you must pay attention to your skincare.

If you want to achieve flawless coverage every time, here are ways to hydrate your skin:


1. Use a pH-balanced cleanser

The first step towards achieving hydrated skin is using a pH-balance cleanser. This product helps remove excess oils and impurities that clog pores and prevent proper absorption of moisturizing products. A low pH level (between 4-6) cleanser will keep your pores clear while removing excess oils so that your skin can better absorb moisturizers and other facial care products.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin can help you achieve hydrated skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin's surface and allows new cells to grow in their place. This keeps your complexion fresh and healthy-looking. The more exfoliation you get, the better your results will be. 

3. Choose an appropriate moisturizer

There are different types of moisturizers available on the market today. Choosing one that works best for your skin and budget is important. Some people prefer natural or organic products, while others favor a more expensive brand-name product. The key is finding something that works for you and sticking with it long-term.


Here are some hydrating ingredients to look for in a moisturizer.

●   Glycerin is a humectant—it draws water from the environment into the skin. It keeps your skin hydrated, especially if you live in a drier environment or have naturally dry skin.

●   Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that occurs naturally in our bodies. It keeps our joints lubricated and retains the skin’s moisture, keeping it hydrated and supple.

●   Squalane is a saturated fatty acid derived from plants. It has been used as a moisturizer since ancient times because it mimics the lipid content of human sebum (oil) very closely. It can reduce water loss from the skin’s surface and improve elasticity, making it an ideal ingredient for people with dehydrated skin.


4. Use a face mist to hydrate your skin during the day

A face mist can also hydrate your skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the more supple and healthy it will look—even when it's not perfectly hydrated.


The best time to use a face mist is after cleansing or before applying any other products on your face, such as serum or moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin is fully hydrated before any other product is applied on top of it.


5. Always wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most critical steps to prevent skin dehydration. The sun can damage your skin and cause wrinkles. It can also dry out your skin, making it harder to retain moisture. Always wear sunscreen whenever you go outside, even if it's cloudy or overcast. 

Makeup: Your Second Skin

1. Use a primer with hyaluronic acid

Primers are designed to make your foundation last longer but also have other benefits for dehydrated skin. Try using a primer that contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin—ingredients that naturally attract and hold water molecules to the skin’s surface. The result is plumper, more even-looking skin that doesn't cling to dry patches or appear cakey.


2. Choose the proper foundation

Choose a hydrating foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. You don't want your foundation to look obvious on top of your skin—it should blend seamlessly into your complexion without drawing attention to itself or accentuating any of its flaws. Look for foundations with lightweight formulas that provide sheer coverage so that they won't block the effects of your moisturizer underneath.

3. Use a damp beauty sponge

Use a damp sponge instead of a brush or fingers to apply foundation or powder. Sponges are great because they hold onto the product without absorbing too much into their fibers—which means less product wasted and more coverage on your face. Beauty sponges also give you an even application of foundation. It also works to blend concealer under the eyes or around blemishes.

4. Use a highlighter

Highlighters are usually used on oily or combination skin types because they give the appearance of an even skin tone and minimize pores. If you have dehydrated skin, using a highlighter can help give you that dewy glow without looking greasy or shiny. The best part? Highlighters are super easy to use—apply them right under your cheekbones with your fingers or a brush! 

5. Drink plenty of water

One of the best ways to combat dehydrated skin is to drink plenty of water. With proper hydration, your body will produce enough oil (sebum) to keep your face moisturized. Drinking plenty of water also helps flush out toxins from your body, making your skin look bright and healthy.

It is important to note that drinking water alone will not give you great-looking skin overnight. Dehydration is often accompanied by other issues like poor diet and lack of exercise, so you should consider all aspects when trying to improve your overall health and appearance.

Hydration Starts From Within

Skin hydration is much more complicated than applying moisturizer or drinking water. It takes a little time and effort if you're a person with dehydrated skin and wants to learn some hacks to make your skin look better. If you put in the work, you'll be able to achieve great skin.

You'll find that you can do more with your existing makeup routine and learn what works best. The most important thing is to experiment, have fun with it, and ensure that your skin is well-hydrated.

Lia Lorenzo
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