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Top 6 Places to See in Alaska

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Top 6 Places to See in Alaska

Alaska is by far the biggest U.S. state and it's therefore difficult to explore it within a single visit due to the fact that the majority of the state isn't connected via railways or roads, and some of the most popular spots can only be reached via small planes, or by the foot. There aren't many human settlements, however, but this does not mean there aren't any things to do, however: the limited presence of human beings means that it is Alaska among the best states to be immersed in the unspoiled natural beauty and lose your eyes in the amazing landscapes.

Due to the immenseness of the area and the abundance of natural beauty that it provides, it's really hard to narrow the list of top places to go to Alaska to a mere 10. In this list, I'm not trying to eliminate all other tourist attractions, whether artificial or natural from any possible itinerary, but rather suggest the spots that create Alaska distinctive and distinct among the remaining 49 states in the Federation of States. If you're contemplating a trip to the northernmost part of America and you are planning to visit Alaska, it is imperative to include at most one of these destinations in your itinerary. Here's the list of our Alaska to-go and must-do lists.

1 Denali National Park

Glaciers and snowy peaks surrounded by winding streams, clean forests, and abundant wild animals It is possible to define this reserve as the emblem of the entirety of Alaska. It is not an insignificant green zone that can be explored in just a few hours it is a vast reserve that covers 15,000 square miles and includes, among other things the most awe-inspiring ever mountain in North America. With its height of 20310 feet, Mount McKinley is the dominant mountain in this vast area. The mountains' slopes house an extensive forest in which bears, moose, and other species remain unaffected.

2 Inside Passage

The Alaskan southeastern coastline isn't just rugged, it's covered by a dense archipelago comprising many islands with different dimensions, which shields it from the elements of the ocean. The serpentine tongue of the sea that runs between these islands and the coastline is called the Inside Passage. It is an authentic marine route that links Vancouver and Skagway via boat and also connects numerous other towns, including Juneau, the capital city of Alaska, Juneau. It is without a doubt that exploring The Inside Passage is one of the most enjoyable experiences you could enjoy in Alaska. Land and sea animals, glaciers and fjords Every day you spend in these waters will make your eyes wide open in awe. The question is which vehicle should you choose to use.

3 Glacier Bay

The northwest corner of the Inside Passage is a place where it appears like you're traveling thousands of years back in time back up to the Ice Age, but which wasn't even existent until the past two centuries. In 1778, James Cook documented an immense and inaccessible expanse of ice several hundred meters in this region. In the following years even as late as 1794, George Vancouver discovered that some of the ice had gone out creating a five-mile-long bay appearance. Glacier Bay continued to grow because the ice was melting and at the entrance of the inlet, the glacier gave way to forests. Nowadays, ships can crawl as far as 65 miles within the bay that continues to expand, with many branches.

4 Aleutian Islands

The archipelago that extends to the east away from the Alaska Peninsula extends eastward from the Alaska Peninsula. It is among the world's most stunning and unspoiled, but at the same time, one of the less visited regions throughout Alaska. Both are due to the same factor of the difficulty of getting to these islands. The population is a mere 8,000. reside in the archipelago. More than half of them live on Unalaska which is the largest of the 10 islands. Tourists and fishermen have access to the Aleutians on a ferry that operates twice per month in the summer months and by plane. The islands in the easternmost region, close to the Russian Peninsula of Kamchatka as opposed to the American coast and are a much more difficult destination to explore.


5 Sitka 5 Sitka: the Russian city in the U.S.A.

Everybody knows the fact that Alaska along with Hawaii were the two last states to be admitted into to the U.S. federation, in 1959. It isn't often mentioned it is true that Alaska did not become an independent nation until the year 1867. It was under the control of the Russian state government. In fact, it was Russians traversing through the Bering Strait, who initially established a colony in the region and took away the indigenous people from the wildlands on which they were living from the beginning of time. It's not an accident that Sitka was the place where the American flag was set to replace the Russian one when both superpowers had completed the purchase of this vast and unspoiled part of the earth. Sitka is actually Sitka was the city capital of Alaska as well as its principal port at the time when power was held by Moscow. There are still architectural elements, including the traditional Cathedral in the city of St. Michael or the Russian Bishop's residence in addition to religious and cultural aspects In fact, here most of the population is part of the religion of the Russian Orthodox religion.

6 Kobuk Valley

When thinking of Alaska thinks of dunes made of fine sand that are comparable to the Sahara Desert. But, the vast northern state has this as well. There is the Kobuk Valley National Park is one of the spots that isn't frequented by tourists (especially because of the difficulties getting there) however, it is also an area that is fascinating. In the northern part of the Arctic Circle, where the Taiga is over and the tundra takes over, an area that covers 730 thousand hectares is opened to the north within two ranges of mountains with no roads and trails that are the most elusive treasures of North America.

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