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Can’t Find a Job After College? 5 Ways to Get a Good Job

Can’t Find a Job After College? 5 Ways to Get a Good Job

Finding a job after graduation is a challenging feat. There is a lot to consider when searching for your perfect job opportunity. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming, yet you will realise it was worthwhile in the end! 

Network as much as possible

After talking to many people who have yet to find a job after completing college, one of the common themes I've seen is that they applied only online and didn't use their network. Now you might not have a vast network, but that's okay. Networking and having direct conversations are still valuable to use as much as possible. You can consult your academic advisors, previous teachers, and professors even if you have no existing network. Discuss with your classmates and friends, too, whom you can trust. Tell your parents and family you're looking for a job so that they can tell their colleagues. People need to know your job hunting to help you. 

Apply Directly for Jobs on LinkedIn

You might need more of a network or want to work in something other than a growing company or startup. 

So you can also try to apply to companies directly on LinkedIn. This is better than other big job boards because you can often use now through LinkedIn's Easy Apply feature without having to leave the website. Attach your resume and hit "send", and you're done. 

Improve your Interview Skills

Think about this when you go for the interview, the hiring manager hasn't ever seen you work seen for a single day. So they're deciding whether to hire you entirely based on what you say. 

This is the power of interview skills. What you say in the interview can get you hired for the top, highest-paying jobs. If you make mistakes in the interview, employers won't give you another chance to show what you're capable of. The bottom line is, therefore, in building excellent interview skills that can change your career and help you to get the best jobs. If you learn how to give brilliant answers in an interview and discover what employers want to hear, you'll have a significant advantage every time you change positions and earn more money in your career. 

Decide what industry you want to work in most

Do your research and figure out where this industry's "clusters" are located. Where are most of the companies located? 

Once you have the list of the biggest cities for your industry, pick the most attractive one or two areas based on personal factors like proximity to friends and family, climate, cost of living, or anything else you care about! Then, finally, think about where you'd like to live. 

How to get hired finally?

It is essential to try some potential tactics after graduating if you have no job. Those steps are: 

Use your vast network whenever possible.  

Apply directly to companies on their website whenever they offer any vacancy, and look for growth-stage companies because they hire more entry-level people. 

Try applying on LinkedIn to avoid the hassle of having to register an account on multiple job sites or company "Career" pages. 

Improve your interview skills so you can take advantage each time you get an interview. 

Consider relocating or remote work to expand your job opportunities. 

If you follow the steps above, you'll boost your odds of getting hired, whether you just graduated or are one, two, or even three years after graduation with no job. 

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