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Top 10 Podcasts for Data Science Enthusiasts

Laxman katti
Top 10 Podcasts for Data Science Enthusiasts

A top-notch data science podcast enlightens, amuses, and introduces you to fresh concepts in the field. The newest thoughts from data leaders, advice on how to land a job in data science, and how data impacts every industry, from banking to healthcare, are just a few examples of what's available. We've created this categorized list of our favorite data science podcasts because it might be challenging to choose one to listen to first with so many options available.A few examples are listed below.


Data-Driven Podcasts

  1. Chai Time Data Science

This data science podcast, hosted by deep learning engineer Sanyam Bhutani, mostly includes interviews with Kagglers, data scientists, and other well-known data scientists.

  1. Data Science at Home

This data science podcast is hosted by Dr. Francesco Gadelatta, the creator of Amethix Technologies, and it focuses on AI, machine learning, and algorithms.

  1. Data Science Now

The episodes of this podcast, which aims to educate, address specific subjects like the history of data science, how to find a job in the field, and illustrations of how it is used in real-world situations.

  1. Data Skeptic

This is one of the most well-known data science podcasts with over 200 episodes, covering a wide range of subjects and publishing new episodes practically weekly.

  1. DataHack Radio

Each edition of this popular podcast, hosted by the site Analytics Vidhya, includes an interview with a machine learning specialist to stay current on the most recent advancements in the area.

  1. Gradient Dissent

Deep learning specialists discuss how they use this at organizations like Facebook, Google, and Lyft in this data science podcast.

  1. Harvard Data Science Review Podcast

With episodes referred to as "case studies" on how data affects the modern world, this data science podcast focuses on the practical applications of data science.

  1. Practical AI

This data science podcast prides itself on "keeping up with the newest breakthroughs in AI while keeping one foot in the real world," as the name of the show suggests.

  1. The Data Engineering Podcast

This data science podcast delves into the specifics of data management and is produced by a data engineer.

  1. Towards Data Science

TDS, which is sponsored by the well-known Medium site, covers a wide range of artificial intelligence issues, including AI governance and AI research.


Data Science Podcasts

  1. Becoming a Data Scientist

This data science podcast, as its name implies, focuses on Renee Teate's data science career trajectory and the difficulties he encountered.

  1. Data Cast

Each episode focuses on the career lessons each renowned data scientist learned before landing their present data science position through interviews with them.

  1. DataXpresso

According to its description, this data science podcast is for data professionals who desire to base their professions on technology and data analytics.

  1. The Artists of Data Science

ADS, which bills itself as "the ONLY self-development podcast for data scientists," offers a variety of episodes that focus on both professional and personal growth in addition to talks of the most recent advancements in the industry.

  1. The Data Life

This data science podcast covers every facet of data science employment, from the technical to the soft-skills requirements of this line of work.



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