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Neon Signs: A Guide to Their Replacement

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Neon Signs: A Guide to Their Replacement

You may have noticed some dimming or even complete darkness in your neon sign after we changed the clocks back. Avoid wasting money on costly repairs to outdated equipment by upgrading to something you can set up in no time flat. LED neon rope light may be bent and shaped in a wide variety of ways, and it can be used in lieu of traditional glass neon signs. It may be used to make unique writing, illuminate a building's exterior, or provide ambient lighting interior. Keep reading to find out how neon rope light may save you money and time compared to traditional glass neon lights.

For What Reason Do Neon Signs Fail to Work?

Neon signs are inefficient and wear out quickly since they are not updated with the most recent technology. There are two primary causes of potential dysfunction in these indicators:

Energy Sources

If your neon sign is malfunctioning, ask nearest sign removal company to check the electricity going to it first. High voltage is required for neon signs, which is why they consume more power than led signs. To prevent the lights on your sign from flickering or going out altogether, check to be that it is receiving the correct voltage.

Challenges in the Structure

There may be an internal or exterior structural issue causing your neon sign to malfunction. These signs are fragile since they are made from glass tubes. As a result, the sign will become dark since the gas in the tubes will have been used up.

Led Neon Light: A Better Choice for Your Sign

Three Times as Long-Lasting as Traditional Neon, LED Signs

Flexible neon rope lights have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, but glass neon only lasts around 10,000 hours and is more brittle. Flame-retardant PVC is used in the production of flame-flexible LED neon rope lights. They are less likely to shatter than glass neon signs since they have been UL-approved for use in outdoor settings and are built to resist harsh climates.

Installing bendable neon signs is a breeze

Flexible LED neon rope light is simple to install and, if necessary, repair yourself, but glass neon lights often need the services of a skilled artisan for maintenance and repair. Due of LED neon rope light's adaptability, modifications may be made on the go. The use of channel guides and mounting clips makes it simple to fashion straight lines or precise curves with a radius as small as 50 mm. The rope light is marked every 18 inches with cut markings (lines on the PVC jacket's side). You don't need to know how to blast glass to use these markings to divide up letters, splice colours, or make your own bespoke lengths for your exhibit. This avoids the trouble of fabricating the neon sign elsewhere and then transporting and installing the finished glass sign at the place. Splicing in a new piece is simple and straightforward using an invisible splice kit in case a broken or non-functioning portion has to be replaced. In comparison to waiting for specialized repairs on a glass neon sign, this may bring your company's name back in lights much more quickly.

LED neon rope lights also provide for greater creative freedom in terms of layout. The LED rope light just requires electricity at one end, much as other LED rope lights. LED neon simply needs an end cap, unlike glass neon, which necessitates a whole circuit. Since the rope light requires just 120 V, the sign may be powered straight from the building's existing 120 V AC circuit.

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