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Custom Windows Graphics: A Productive Way Of Advertising For Your Business

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Custom Windows Graphics: A Productive Way Of Advertising For Your Business

You may not may aware of it, but at your company, you are likely staring at free advertising space, or rather, right through it. Large windows are ideal for advertising real estate for your business, and like most companies, you may be underutilizing them. How effective are window signs? As it turns out, they are very impactful: a recent survey found that 76% of American shoppers will enter a store if a sign catches their eye.

So, should you invest in window graphics at your establishment? In this article, we’ll look at the top five reasons why window graphics for business are such an effective means of advertising.

The 5 Benefits of Window Graphics

1. Install Them Exactly Where Your Customers Are Looking

Storefront windows are large spaces that are ideal for turning into a billboard. That means you can install a large sign right in the line of sight of passersby and thus ensure your message gets seen.

Make sure to use bright, vibrant colors and an eye-catching design to draw attention. Here’s another tip: keep the message simple and the conversion frictionless.

2. Unbeatable Value for the Money

How much do you think it costs to create a 30-second TV spot for a local network? In fact, it can cost up to $50,000 for a single ad that you may use (at most) for a few weeks.

Window graphics, on the other hand, cost a fraction of that: a small window sign starts from as little as $125.49. Window graphics are so inexpensive that many of our customers change theirs every few weeks to keep customers excited.

3. No Recurring Costs

One of the biggest benefits of window graphics is that there are no recurring costs to worry about. After all, you are installing the sign at your establishment and on your windows.

Compare that against the $4,000 you’ll have to pay every month for a bulletin board at most spots in Chicago. If you want to advertise on a billboard in downtown Chicago, then that’s going to cost several times more.

4. Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

Window graphics for business can be installed in as little as a few minutes and be taken off just as quickly. What’s more, the installation is straightforward and doesn’t leave a big mess behind. That ease of installation and removal is vital if you are going to be changing your promotions regularly.

This is also why so many of our customers choose to update their graphics in time for the holiday season.

5. Window Graphics Pay for Themselves

Advertising graphics offer some of the greatest returns on investment of any form of advertising. Outdoor-facing graphics provide nearly seven times the value of that offered by a TV ad, and about six times the ROI compared to a radio ad.

Getting the Window Graphic Design Just Right

Having just an eye-catching window graphic design is not enough to generate business; you also need to include the right conversion elements. That’s where an experienced signage team like Signs Now can help.

You will work with a creative team that combines intelligent design with lead-generating elements. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs.

Source: https://surelysigns.com/custom-windows-graphics-a-productive-way-of-advertising-for-your-business/

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