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Discover the Social Media Trends Of 2023

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Discover the Social Media Trends Of 2023

Discover the Social Media Trends Of 2023

We are entering the last month of the year. The one in which we balance and evaluate the whole year. And at the same time, we already look to the future and glimpse the new trends for 2023!

In this article, we give you a brief overview of the 10 social media trends for 2023. The full report with quotes and case studies (highly recommended!) can be downloaded here.

Prologue: How a trend is born

Talkwalker explains in detail how a trend is born. Typically, a new viral trend or topic is born offline first and then moves into online conversations. However, lately there are also trends that are generated and go viral entirely on social networks. Word of mouth occurs through hashtags, memes, stories, mentions, conversations… Sometimes even new terms related to the trend in question are born. Other times, entire businesses.

Let's now take a brief look at the 10 social media trends for 2023.

Cookies finally run out

(Perhaps) in 2023 the disappearance of third-party cookies will finally take place, a measure long overdue by Google and criticized by many advertisers. The Talkwalker report mentions social listening as a popular solution to removing cookies, to continue understanding consumers through data.

Fake news and digital security

We all know that fake news and artificial intelligence used for deceptive purposes are a real problem. Although consumers keep their eyes peeled, the technology is becoming more developed and more subtle. In 2023 it will be essential to find a real solution to this and the role of brands will be essential in the process.

Decentralized social networks

Participate in social networks but without a central force, with less censorship and more freedom of expression. BeReal has been the great novelty of this year, with constant and rapid growth. Actually, there is no dominant actor (according to Conversation Clusters). 2023 will probably be the year in which the future leader of the decentralized in social networks will be decided.

Multisensory social networks

As you already know, the Internet of the senses is not far away. Brands are investing in introducing sensory elements into the digital consumer experience. But what will be the preferred format? Until now, no format (Social Audio, Long Form Content, Live Streaming, etc.) has been particularly hated or loved. We'll see what happens with the metaverse!

Social Commerce will grow and… fall

Except in China, Social Commerce still has a long way to go in the rest of the world. This is also demonstrated by the fact that TikTok has abandoned its initial eCommerce project in the United States and Europe. Consumers are expected to be more willing to explore new shopping avenues in the coming year, also due to the rising cost of living.

Metaverse fever will pay off

Talkwalker shows how the conversation around the metaverse has only grown from 2021 to today, even though nothing concrete has materialized in the eyes of consumers. In 2023, we could see the first version made, with many actors taking key roles in this new universe and others collapsing. The report gives a lot of useful advice for brands that want to better understand if the time is right to join the metaverse.

Predictive analytics will disrupt marketing

Lately, predictive analytics has been integrated into social and marketing, with Artificial Intelligence acting as reinforcement with its multiple value predictions. Talkwalker claims that currently only 42% of marketers say they have predictive analytics capabilities and that this will change a lot in 2023. How? In the report you will find all the details.

The environment takes pride of place

It was to be expected: in 2023 the sense of climate emergency will increase and brands will make a difference. There will be no more room for brands that greenwash, and only brands that act transparently and genuinely will get the biggest slice of the market.

The customer experience will be even more on social networks

Time is now more valuable than ever. The instant availability of information, products and services is only part of what consumers consider important. In 2023, it is expected that more and more brands will choose to create a social media channel dedicated to customer service and invest in training to avoid brand crises. Also check Descargar Videos De Pinterest

People – Communities

The brands that will be successful in 2023 will be the ones that are able to build a true community around them. Know your consumers, know what motivates their conversations, what content they prefer, reflecting their values. According to Talkwalker, 66% of brand communities say that their community membership has increased their brand loyalty.

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