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How is ICO development revolutionizing the emerging economic model?

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How is ICO development revolutionizing the emerging economic model?

What is an ICO?

An initial coin offering, or ICO, is a new way for companies to raise capital through cryptocurrency. Companies create a digital token or a coin and sell it to investors in exchange for cash or, more likely, cryptocurrencies, usually ether or bitcoin.

Let’s say, Initial Coin Offering Development is done when you want to set up a business that makes money. Instead of issuing shares to investors, you will be creating your digital token, and that’s what the purpose of ICO development. Investors will be buying during your highly-anticipated ICO tokensand they can either trade them for other types of crypto or use them on your platform once it’s up and running.

How do I convince investors to come on board?

The first step is to release a white paper that details my business model. This way, investors can decide if they want to get involved.

Simply putting together a white paper isn’t enough, though. Hundreds of ICOs launch each month, but you only hear of a few.

Thus, if you want your ICO to succeed, you must go on a marketing blitz to convince people that your business is the real deal. Some ICO software development companies, including Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton, have had celebrity support.

The Ethereum project is one of the most successful ICO development and is now the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. In 2014, it sold 60 million ether coins and raised capital of 31,000 bitcoin or $18 million in fiat currency.

Cryptocurrencies are underpinned by blockchain technology, which is why blockchain startups primarily use ICOs. However, other types of companies are flocking to Initial Coin Offering Development, even if they do not have or require blockchain.

For instance, the owners of a real banana plantation in Laos issued Bananacoins, and if you bought one, you would be investing in producing organic bananas.

ICO Software Development isn’t just for startups anymore. One of the most highly anticipated ICOs was that of messaging platform Telegram, which has 200 million users. It has reportedly raised $1.7 billion for its yet-to-be-built blockchain-based platform.

While Telegram tokens were planned for public sale, tokens sold through the initial private sale were in such huge demand that a secondary market emerged. However, there are no regulations, so one cannot control these sales.

Singapore has emerged as a top ICO software development hub. Over $260 million was raised in Singapore last year, behind the United States and Russia. ICOs are unregulated in most parts of the world, so founders don’t have to go through the expensive processes and middlemen that public companies have.

How to launch an ICO successfully?

  • Review other ICOs to see what you need to work on
  • Create The Business Plan For Your ICO
  • Create the white paper for your ICO.
  • Build Your ICO’s Team
  • Resolve your ICO’s legal issues
  • Create your ICO’s website
  • Secure your ICO platform and make your ICO’s smart contract
  • Announce your ICO and Let The Investors Pay


Make sure your white paper answers all the questions investors and contributors might have before investing in your initial coin offering development.

Build your ICO Development team

Building your team is the second most important task after creating a white paper.

Legal Issues

Since cryptocurrencies and ICOs are new, only some understand the legal ramifications. In a few countries, they are outlawed, so the only way to register your ICO is to relocate to a crypto-friendly jurisdiction.

ICO Website

Taking your time and creating a good website that speaks to your visitors is essential. The website should load fast and be secured with good hosting and protection. It should have a link to your white paper that includes all the token information, links to social media accounts or communication channels, and the blog.


The following action is securing your ICO Development platform and completing your smart contract. The crowd sales smart contract has to be built in such a way that its secure and safe to build trust in investors. You must secure the website from hackers, which is very important since it’s a one-time event, and the contributor’s collectives can get tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s always recommended to get your smart contract audited by specialists.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plans must inspire, trust and express the benefits your investor will get, like getting your token listed on exchanges and building the trust that your future investor won’t be exposed to the risk of losing their hard-earned cash.

Building Trust

Building trust should be the primary focus of marketing and a key to making your ICO successful.

The website should enclose relevant information about your ICO, such as your team, whitepaper, milestones, blog links, tokenomics, etc. Providing ample information is essential because many investors can find you there and invest in your ICO.

Announcement of your project via renowned platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcoin talk, Reddit, Medium, Discord, etc., plays a vital role. A few videos of founders on YouTube will indicate that the project is authentic and worth investing.

The crypto-related ads are in a gray area on Facebook, Google, and Twitter, making promoting your ICO a little more complicated, and that’s why expert advice is always needed behind your marketing.

Final Thoughts

Antier, a pioneer in the Blockchain industry, is well equipped with the Coin Development team. It has already launched many successful ICOs which are up and running in the market.

Antier Solutions
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