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Know the first aid for back pain; Feel relaxed Instantly

Alternative Myotherapy
Know the first aid for back pain; Feel relaxed Instantly

Many people suffer from back pain. Looking at the current work culture you may have to seat for long periods in an incorrect position or after walking long if the shoes are uncomfortable or even during pregnancy and other times. If you too are suffering from occasional back pain, follow us until you learn how to avoid back pain, as well as some first aid for back pain, to alleviate these pains if you feel out. All these techniques are suggested by the experts at Remedial Massage Brunswick.

First aid for back pain 

  • Rest in a comfortable position for you and others every half hour, and avoid standing or sitting for long periods. 
  • Practice some stretching exercises that relieve back pain, such as lying on the back on a hard surface, and then bending your knees in the direction of the abdomen. 
  • Use warm water or cold water on your back, find out what comforts you most and use it, as there is no fixed rule about using warm or cold water for back pain. 
  • Use some analgesics or muscle medications to relieve pain. Avoid carrying heavy objects while you feel back pain so that the problem doesn't get worse. 
  • If possible, get a back massage that will help you feel relaxed, and comfortable and relieve stress and fatigue.

What are the causes of back pain? 

Back pain is a sign from your body that there is a problem; and that is your back is under pressure, often as a result of problems with the bones of the spine, ligaments, muscles, or nerves, and these pains may be caused by: 

  • Wear uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels. 
  • Incorrect habits in the way you walk. 
  • Muscle tension. 
  • Sit for long periods, especially if sitting in an incorrect position. 
  • Sleep on soft mattresses, especially in case of prolonged back sleep.
  • Disorders of the kidneys, bladder, or prostate. Weight gain. 
  • Constipation. 
  • Stress and lack of sleep. 
  • Pregnancy.

Ways to avoid back pain 

  • Stay away from smoking. 
  • Avoid obesity and get rid of excess weight. 
  • Take enough rest daily and reduce stress and stress. 
  • Take breaks and wander a little every hour at work, if the nature of the work requires sitting for long periods. 
  • Sit in the right position, so that the back is straight, with a brace or pillow under the back. 
  • Choose fixed seats with side cushions, so you can adjust your position without pressing your back. 
  • Use comfortable shoes, preferably without heels. Avoid sleeping on non-medical soft mattresses. 
  • Avoid long-term back sleep. 
  • Keep up with some simple exercises, such as walking for 10 minutes every two or three hours, taking into account walking on level ground without climbing stairs or otherwise, and moving gently while keeping the back straight. 
  • Wait about an hour after waking up in the morning before starting any exercise.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Back massage is an effective technique that has been used in the past to get rid of back pain and help relax muscles, because therapeutic massage has many benefits, is used alongside medical treatments, and is described by doctors to speed up the healing of patients, and there are many types of therapeutic massage. read the article to learn about back massage and its multiple benefits in the next lines.

The experts at Myotherapy Coburg say if you follow first aid for back pain, don't feel better and notice continued pain, or if you have severe back pain, or if the pain is accompanied by additional symptoms such as numbness, discomfort or swelling, leg or foot pain, difficulty walking, or difficulty urinating, consult your doctor, your condition may need more.

Alternative Myotherapy
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