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How To Develop Competitive Skills In Students

Rahul Saini
How To Develop Competitive Skills In Students

In today's fast-paced, cutthroat competitive environment, every advantage counts. To get ahead of the competition, it is important to teach competitive skills to students. Since pushing oneself to the limit is essential to personal development, a competitive spirit is beneficial. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon ensure the development of a classroom climate that promotes healthy competition among students. To give students a chance to develop and enhance their competitive skills, the schools host a number of competitions. Here are different ways by which schools encourage the development of competitive skills in students.


#1. Participation matters

It's a good idea to urge students to take part in any school-sponsored competitions that may be available to them. The schools in Gurgaon ensure that the students understand how taking part can improve their abilities. Students that enter competitions will be expected to showcase their talents to an audience. Thus, healthy school competition will aid in the cultivation of kids' sense of identity. Also, they will be able to conquer challenges like performance anxiety. Students would also benefit much from interacting with and learning from their peers. The top school can reassure your child that taking part in a competition and learning from it is more important than necessarily coming out on top.


#2. Keep students away from pressure

Competitions can be a source of stress for certain students, which can have an effect on their emotional well-being. The best school will make sure that students aren't feeling any pressure from other sources to succeed. It can also urge students to participate in a competition, but it makes sure neither the school nor the student's parents compel them to do so if they don't want to. Because everyone has their own unique set of passions and hobbies, not everyone will share their parents' enthusiasm for entering a competition. To encourage healthy competition, teachers might tell parents to take their children's interests into account and avoid making unfair comparisons if their children perform poorly in an event.


#3. Motivation is important

Students are at risk of losing interest and motivation if they perform poorly in an important competition. Their sense of value and assurance in themselves could also be negatively affected. Thus, in these situations, teachers at the best schools in Gurgaon step in and promote healthy competition among their students. They can help students see that losing a competition doesn't make them any less successful or talented than the other participants. Instead, they can help students understand that they have control over determining what is holding them back academically. Therefore, they have an opportunity to improve.


#4. Failure is a part of life

Losing is just as much a part of competing as winning. Everyone can't win, and that's something the schools in Gurgaon teach the students. They help them see how their setbacks might eventually lead to their achievement. The opportunity to evaluate one's own strengths and weaknesses is a valuable benefit of experiencing defeat in a competition. Consequently, setbacks are always a chance to discover something new about oneself. By bearing all of this in mind, students can work toward improving and expanding their abilities.


#5. Encourage equal treatment

The children of a top school are treated with the same degree of respect by their teachers. One's academic abilities are not revealed in a competitive environment. If a kid is having trouble recovering from a loss in a competition, teachers make sure that no one is picking on him or her. They advise them on how they can do better the next time around and teach them some tricks of the trade. To keep students engaged and promote healthy competition in the classroom, teachers may award participation trophies or rewards to all those who took part in the event.


#6. Reward the best performers

To develop competitive skills in students during healthy competition in the classroom, schools in Gurgaon award prizes to the winners. Students will strive for first place to receive such awards. By conducting such competitions from time to time, students might achieve their goals by working harder and developing their abilities. As a bonus, it would provide the best performer with a much-needed confidence boost after all their hard work. At the same time, rewarding everyone who participated in the competition can motivate them to do better the next time.


Final Words

It is beneficial for students to gain competitive skills from an early age. They learn not only from their parents but also from their peers in school. Among the best schools in Gurgaon is Pragyanam School which focuses on nurturing all the necessary skills in the students, including competitive skills. Its experienced and highly qualified teachers ensure that a healthy competitive environment is developed in the classroom setup to prepare the students for the future.

Rahul Saini
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