Top 10 Software Tools For Saas Start-Up

Muhamma Osama

SaaS start-ups can make use of software tools available in customer support, marketing, product development, sales, accounting, payment processing, and more. With the help of  lead management software SaaS start-ups can automate the process of lead management as well. Here are the 10 most popular software tools that simplify the working and operations of SaaS start-ups

MS Teams 

This incredible tool helps connect multiple remote users through meetings, calls, and chats. It becomes easy for users to communicate, update, and work through MS Teams. The tool can access files in real-time. It allows users to edit and share files. 

MS Teams offers the convenience of making notes, maintaining files, updating calendars and a lot more things to users. People love the feature of screen sharing. It is easy to explain things with this feature. With this tool, it is simpler to conduct online meetings with multiple participants, irrespective of their location. Participants can chat, search and attach files easily. 


An amazing software application, JIRA is used for project management and issue tracking. SaaS start-ups use this tool to track stories, bugs, and several other tasks. Agile software development experts trust JIRA to manage their projects efficiently. It is so flexible that it can be used by all kinds of teams and businesses. 

The forte of JIRA lies in helping software teams to find, track and record bugs in the software. The tool can be customized to fit any type of requirement, right from issue tracking to task management. Users can even add functionalities to this software with the help of apps. 


An all-in-one marketing platform, MailChimp helps users communicate with their clients. SaaS start-ups can use MailChimp to become expert marketers. Some of the features that make this tool amazing are email blasts, targeted emails, reports, analytics, comparative metrics, and custom forms, among others. The great thing about this software is that it is completely free. 

Users prefer MailChimp for its simple user interface. With its help, it becomes easier for designing beautiful Email campaigns. It is an apt tool for small businesses and start-ups who desire to grow and develop. Marketers interested in data can make use of MailChimp to get detailed insight for developing strategies. 



People form the core of any business. And SalesForce helps manage people through its solutions. The most preferred customer relationship management platform, SalesForce helps SaaS startups with their marketing, commerce, service, IT, and sales. It helps enhance productivity through seamless collaboration. 

The software is very useful for forecasting sales and revenue. It is a perfect tool that helps build better relationships with customers. With its features, companies can connect with present customers and even potential ones to increase sales. SalesForce has proved itself to be an innovator in the CRM space. 


While the general public came to know of it only during the pandemic, Zoom has been long helping companies with online communication. A video and audio conferencing tool, Zoom offers chat and screen sharing options as well. SaaS start-ups can use Zoom to schedule meetings and send their details to invitees. 


Zoom is perfect for SaaS startups as it offers easy and affordable plans. Users find it easy to use and very effective in making work flexible and seamless. The prime benefit of Zoom is that it is extremely scalable. It can be used to host large conferences, demos, and presentations as well. 



A cloud-hosted help-desk solution, Zendesk is used by businesses of various sizes and scales. Users prefer Zendesk as it helps resolve issues pertaining to customers in the best possible manner. There is a range of features viz. messaging, analytics, emailing, chatting, and even social media. With Zendesk, SaaS start-ups can easily access customer data to make informed decisions. 


Zendesk is all about enhancing customer experience. The best thing about this tool is that it is quite simple to deploy and implement. With its help, SaaS companies can lower their operational costs and increase productivity. It helps ensure customer satisfaction by offering exact information and resources.



Communication is very essential for the smooth running of any business. With its tools, Slack helps companies to work easily and seamlessly by staying organized and focused. A free messaging app, Slack improves communication and collaboration between coworkers. SaaS startups can create channels for varied topics or projects using this app. 


The best feature of Slack is that it can be integrated with Google Drive. It can even be used for advertising, intranet, structure management, and payroll, among other things. Slack even allows users to build a referral network for better business. 



While customers are important for businesses, their feedback is all the more important. With SatisMeter, businesses can review the feedback of customers. It helps companies to keep an eye on their customers, their satisfaction meter, and even monitor the performance of their products. SaaS start-ups can use SatisMeter to help grow and expand their business. 


SatisMeter is known to provide a satisfaction score to users with the help of real-time analytics from the customers who have rated the product. This tool integrates with Slack, which helps in responding to negative ratings and appreciating feedback from satisfied customers. 



A full stacks payment platform, Braintree eases the process of accepting payments in the app or website. As SaaS is an online platform, using Braintree makes complete sense. This service has replaced the age-old practice of payment gateway, making it easier for users. 


With Braintree, SaaS startups can reach customers all over the world. The tool offers data security, safeguarding the information provided by customers. As SaaS companies work on repetitive payments, Braintree makes it simpler by automatically updating card details. 



A cloud-based accounting software, Xero is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. SaaS start-ups can use it to automate their invoices and bills, get updated reports on financial performance and even reconcile bank transactions. This tool is easy to set up and run monthly accounts. 


As this tool is safe and secure, companies need not save files on their computer. Xero has successfully eliminated the time wasted in manually inputting business information on computers. It enables viewing real-time financial details, making it super easy and convenient for clients. 


The wrap-up

These 10 super tools have eased and simplified the way SaaS start-ups operate. Tools like help SaaS start-ups to create free quotations for clients. Such tools have transformed the way companies work in this age of communication and technology. Using these tools proves to be efficient and productive in the long run for companies.

Muhamma Osama
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