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Skin and hair care organic products in India

Vanaura Organics
 Skin and hair care organic products in India

What is a good skin care routine for oily skin?

A good skin care routine for oily skin might include washing your face with a mild soap and water, using a moisturizer every day, discouraging sun exposure, and seeking medical advice if your problems persist. Some ingredients that can be helpful in oily skin include zinc oxide, glycerin, and retinol.

1. Start with clean skin

Before anything else, make sure your skin is clean. Washing your face with a mild soap and water will help remove any makeup or dirt that may be exacerbating the problem.

2. Apply a moisturizer

Moisturizers act as the body's natural oil filters, helping to keep skin looking matte and hydrated all day long. Make sure to apply enough cream or serum so that it sinks in but doesn't feel heavy or greasy on your skin.

3. Avoid sun exposure

ultraviolet light can cause excessive production of oil by the sebaceous glands ― which is why sun exposure is such a big no-no for oily skin. Instead, try to stick to indoor activities during the summer and winter when the weather's cooler.

4. Seek medical help

In extreme cases, you may need medication or surgery in order to treat your oily skin condition. Always consult with a doctor before making any changes to your skincare routine if you're not sure what will work best for you.

5. Apply an oil-free sunscreen

Never skip sunscreen when using skincare products that are meant for oily skin. Sunscreen is your best defense against sunburn, wrinkles, and other age-related skin problems. Choose a light moisturizer with SPF if you do need to apply makeup to cover up your blemishes or acne scars

6. Avoid using harsh scrubs

Scrubs can berounnd the best way to remove oils and skin cells, but they should not be harsh. Use a scrub that is made specifically for oily skin to gently exfoliate your face without stripping it of its natural oil.

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Vanaura Organics
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