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Important Factors In Selecting The Correct Pair Of Basketball Shoes

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Important Factors In Selecting The Correct Pair Of Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes are crucial gear for your basketball game. Basketball shoes can make or break your game. So, it’s essential to find the one right fit for you so that you can go full throttle and give your best in the game!

Choosing the wrong pair can cause knee discomfort, back pain, foot pain, and a host of other problems. Similarly, wearing a pair that has seen some wear & tear might lead to injuries. Because there may not be sufficient support and cushioning. Hence, you should be careful before purchasing a basketball shoe!

Finding your perfect shoes can be a difficult, overwhelming task. It can be a process that takes trial and error before finding your ideal pair. You need to consider your budget, what your feet need, and, of course, how you will be using those shoes. Let’s have a look at various factors that come into play while deciding on a pair of basketball shoes.

Keep it real

Sports shoes including basketball shoes are pricey. However, the most expensive pair may not be the greatest option for you. Similarly, the cheapest pair could turn out to be uncomfortable. The materials used in it might not hold up for long-term wear or performance.

Buying a pair of basketball shoes isn’t something you necessarily need to rush into. If you realize you need to save money, start saving. A good tip here is to keep a look at an online sports shoe store.

Specialized shoes

Before you pick up a pair of basketball shoes, consider your playing style on the court. Look at the upper, midsole, and outsole of basketball shoes. It has a huge impact on its durability and performance.


Are you a fast or an all-around player? Your best option is to use a lightweight basketball shoe! Power players and post players need a heavier, sturdier shoe that offers a great deal of stability and cushioning. The cushioning should be moderate for flexibility and support. Most players use high-top basketball shoes that provide maximum ankle support.


The midsole is specifically designed to compensate for the strain that your foot experiences during the practice or game. Some make use of stiffer materials than others. It contributes more stability and protects inward foot rolling. Not every player is prone to pronunciation. Hence the midsole needs to be considered carefully.


You need to maintain traction and balance while playing. The outsole part of your basketball shoe makes it happen. Direct contact with the court. Keep in mind that most basketball sneakers are designed for use on indoor courts. The outside experience will be less forgiving if you choose it. In such a situation you need to invest in a slightly thicker outsole.

Get to know your feet

Consider your foot width and the shape of your arches. It could be a major factor that should be kept in mind before purchasing a basketball shoe. To understand your feet, consider visiting an online sports shoe store. Chat with an expert salesperson that guides you in this regard.


You don’t need to rush a purchase. Pay careful attention to comfort & support. It should keep you away from the pinching experience, otherwise, it will distract you during the game or practice session. It should make your feet feel secure and stable but not rigid and overly tied down. It’s always wise to leave about 1cm between the tip of your toes and the end of the shoe. It will prevent your toes from ramming up against the shoe while running.

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