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The 2nd episode of The Last Of Us has brought a whole new species of zombies, much more dangerous and scary.

Episode 2 of The Last Of Us series , aired on January 23, brought a whole new species of zombies that are much more dangerous and scary. It is the Clicker, creatures that have lost their sight, but their hearing is especially sharp and can quickly determine the location of the victim thanks to the slightest noise.

What is Clicker?

In essence, Clicker is a stage in the infection of the parasitic fungus Cordyceps in The Last Of Us . Usually, those newly infected are called Runners. At this time, they do not have too many changes in appearance, but have almost lost consciousness and control over their bodies, thereby turning into a lifeless killing machine. The name "Runner" comes from this zombie species's characteristic of often defiantly chasing victims.

Clicker is the third stage of infection, which can be considered an "evolved" form of Runner, because these are essentially victims who have been parasitically infected with Cordyceps fungus for at least 1 year. This period of time is long enough for the bizarre fungus to cover almost the entire human body, especially the head, causing them to lose sight and be forced to rely on echoes to locate prey. This mechanism is called echolocation, which is also the reason why the Clicker regularly emits its signature clicking sound.

Clicker's Appearance and Strength

Compared to the two previous stages of infection, Runner and Stalker, Clicker no longer took on the appearance of a normal person, with his face becoming disfigured, distorted and scarred due to the fungus that had grown out of his brain. surname. By this time, the victim's clothes have become torn or completely destroyed, giving way to large patches of fungal tissue and scales, marking the first stage of fungal growth out of the body. host to infect other victims.

As mentioned above, the Clicker has lost sight, but possesses exceptionally quick hearing, and can use echoes to determine the position of an opponent. In the original series, Clickers can also enter a passive state like Runner, meaning they will sometimes stay in place and not attack humans.

However, most of the time, Clicker is quite aggressive, and especially a lot more dangerous than Runner and Stalker. At this point, the victim is no longer awake enough to resist the control of the Cordyceps fungus. Besides, the patches of mushroom scales that grow outside the body also help them become faster, stronger, with stronger attacks, can easily overwhelm and even kill the player if not handled. clever reason. This level of danger was partly shown in the latest episode of The Last Of Us , when Joel had to work very hard to defeat a Clicker.

Not only physically enhanced, Clicker also possesses remarkable intelligence. They will never leave the hunting area after determining the existence of a victim, and constantly check every nook and cranny with their echolocation system. However, this system is still quite rudimentary when compared to other creatures such as bats, and Clickers will not be able to sense prey when they are too far away from them.

Episode 2 of The Last Of Us shows that when alarmed, the Clicker will immediately switch to "hunting" mode defiantly, constantly swinging its strong arms to attack and its mouth constantly roaring and screaming. scream to overwhelm the enemy's spirit. Even guns can't kill this type of zombie quickly, even if it hits their head.

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Decoding the Clicker's echolocation

As mentioned above, echolocation is the most unique ability of the Clicker, which is also the reason why they got their name. It is these clicks similar to computer clicks that help them sense their surroundings and locate prey.

Echolocation is an ability used by many animals in practice. Basically, they will create sound waves with the ability to bounce back when they collide with obstacles, thereby creating echoes to help them visualize the distance, size and most importantly, the position of the object. that barrier.

Clicker's echolocation allows these zombies to effectively use sound to replace their ruined vision, although with many limitations. In the latest episode of The Last Of Us , it can be seen that even though he was so close to Joel, Tess and Ellie, Clicker was unable to pinpoint their specific locations. It wasn't until Ellie accidentally breathed harder and faster that they could continue their hunting process.

Besides identifying prey, echolocation helps the Clicker move and navigate in its surroundings. Without this ability, they will fall into a state of unconscious wandering, easily bumping into obstacles in the road, or even crashing and getting stuck in the corners of walls.

What other types of zombies will The Last Of Us bring?

As mentioned above, there are many stages in the infection process of Cordyceps fungus and are defined according to specific time points. In it, Runner is the newly infected victim. After about 2 weeks to 1 year, they will "evolve" into Stalkers - those who often stalk their prey in a passive position, mainly sticking to the wall thanks to the mushroom antennae. After 1 year, the victims will officially become Clickers as analyzed above.

However, Clicker is not the final stage of the infection process. After about a decade, when the fungal cells have fully grown outside the body, the victim becomes a Bloater. At this point, they still lose their sight and have become much slower.

However, the outer layer of mushroom scales helps Bloater become super sturdy with amazing health. When necessary, they can also peel off those scabs and throw them at enemies like a fungal spore bomb to increase the range of infection. However, the layer of fungus that grows completely outside of the body gives Bloater a fatal weakness: That is fire.

In the second episode of The Last Of Us , Ellie "teases" Bloater when mentioning " super-infectors that can shoot fungal spores on people ". Coincidentally, in the original series, Bloater first appeared in Bill's town - where Joel and Ellie are headed in the HBO series. Therefore, if nothing changes, it is likely that we will "admire" this terrible zombie in the 3rd episode of The Last Of Us , to be aired on January 30.

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