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Air Conditioning and Allergy Symptom Reduction

Crispair Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning and Allergy Symptom Reduction

How Can My Air Conditioning System Help with Allergies?

What are Allergies?

An allergy occurs when an individual reacts to a substance existing within their environment that causes a reaction. These reactions manifest as irritations of the skin, nose and eyes and can cause some pretty debilitating discomfort. The springtime months bring in a range of airborne allergies, namely pollen, which can cause hay fever and aggravate asthmatics. The wind this time of year may also stir up other allergens like mould, dust, dirt and pet dander, which occur year-round, and are consistently present in households.

How can an Air Conditioning System Help Ease the Effects of Allergies?

To prevent these allergens from entering your home, some precautions can be taken to provide relief, one of the most beneficial is having an Air Conditioning System that is well functioning and fitted with the right filters.

Having a system that is efficient in regulating humidity and environmental factors, will help prevent allergens like mould and fungus from growing throughout the wetter months, as they thrive in moist conditions.

Air Conditioning Maintenance to prevent Allergies

It is imperative that your Air Conditioning system is regularly inspected and maintained to keep it in working order and fully functional year-round, however, regular maintenance can help prevent the severity of allergies.

Changing your air filters aids in getting rid of trapped allergen particles within the system. These previously trapped allergens if left will continue to circle your home through the air conditioning system, causing a cycle of irritation. 

By regularly cleaning the air filters you are not only preventing the spread of allergens but also making sure your system is functioning in the best working order, providing optimal performance. There are options available to replace standard return air filters with better quality filters. The replacement filters are not able to be cleaned and would need to be replaced every 4-6 months depending upon use and whether the environment in the air conditioning system is working.

Daikin Air Purifiers

One of the most foolproof ways of eliminating allergens is to utilise an air purifier. At Crispair we stock Daikin’s innovative and powerful air purifier. It can be installed in conjunction with an air conditioning system or to work alongside an existing system. They have layered filters to efficiently eliminate 98% of allergens and contaminants in the air making them one of the best options for reducing, and even entirely preventing, allergy symptoms. We are also currently running a promotion where every ducted system installed before July 31st 2022 will receive a free Daikin Air Purifier with their installation.

Contact the Air Conditioner experts

Crispair can help you prevent allergens within the home by providing regular services and maintenance to keep your system in full working order. We service residential and commercial air-con systems and work on a wide range of ducted and reverse cycle systems. Contact Crispair today to book a service or enquire about our air purifiers and get your household ready for the incoming allergy season.

Crispair Air Conditioning
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