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A Detailed Guide on 5 Most Common Types of Tow Trucks and Their Usage

Mihael Steffen
A Detailed Guide on 5 Most Common Types of Tow Trucks and Their Usage

Tow trucks are available in a variety of types, sizes, and designs; built to serve different purposes. From vehicle collisions, engine problems to any other performance issue, your car can suddenly stop working due to multiple reasons. And what else can be better than hiring a fully-equipped tow truck to transport your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop quickly?

Before you hire a particular type of tow truck for your vehicle, you must have a fair idea of the different types of options you can avail. These are not just used for transporting cars but also trailers, and different other vehicles.

The specifications of these trucks mostly differ in terms of power, capacity, strength level, and more. Below here is an overview of some of the most common types of tow trucks which, are usually offered by a professional Auckland towing company.

Flatbed tow trucks

A flatbed truck mostly doesn’t look like a standard tow truck. Also known as a ‘rollback truck’, it features a flatbed on which, a car or any other vehicle can be secured and transported to a specific location as directed by the vehicle owner. The bed can be moved upwards or downwards by using hydraulic technology. This type of truck is mostly ideal for transporting damaged vehicles and considered to be the safest option.

Hook and chain tow trucks

This is probably the oldest towing method. As the name indicates, this type of truck uses a hook and chain for towing any vehicle from one place to another. The operator mainly attaches the hook to the car or any other vehicle so that it can be pulled or dragged out. However, it exerts a lot of pressure on the vehicle which is being towed, and hence, isn’t used widely these days. 

Wheel-lift tow trucks

Similar to hook and chain tow trucks, a wheel-lift truck mainly uses a yoke instead of a hook and chain. The yoke is attached to the back of towing vehicle and under the front wheels of the vehicle to be towed. Considered as a simple, safe, and easy option for moving small and medium-sized vehicles, it helps you keep the car free from scratches.

Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks typically feature the integration of technologies used in a wheel-lift truck and a boom truck. They specialise in both towing and recovering heavy-duty vehicles like rigs and buses. As they can be easily hooked up to the vehicles, they are also used for hauling vehicles of repossession or illegal parking.

Boom trucks

What sets a boom truck stand out from its other alternatives is a hydraulic arm, also known as a boom. The arm is adjustable, which makes the truck ideal for recovering any vehicle from any ditch or over any embankment. While some boom trucks are fixed, others are designed to pivot around, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility. Earlier, these trucks used the hook and chain mechanism for lifting vehicles. But, nowadays, belt lifts or slings are used, which make them comparatively safer to use. With the help of a winch and strapping, the vehicles can be lifted and towed safely from difficult places.

The bottom line

Each towing vehicle has a different working mechanism and caters to a unique purpose. Hence, it’s always ideal to ask the towing service provider about the different types of vehicles and which one of them will be appropriate to tow your vehicle.

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Mihael Steffen
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