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How Keys Work

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Your entire day comes to a halt.  Keys limit/allow entry into our homes, safeguard our valuables, and allow us to operate our vehicles. Some even collect keys and use them for decorating, crafting and jewelry. They’re vital to our lives. We couldn’t get through a day without them.  

Have you ever wondered how they work? 

Key Parts

Each key has several important parts:

•   Bow: this is the head of the key. It’s the part you hold and the part that stays exposed after you insert the key into a lock. 

•   Shoulder: the part right below the bow. It holds the key in place in the lock.

•   Blade: the elongated piece in which you place into the lock.

•   Cuts: the spiked notches along the blade.

•   Tip: the key’s pointy end.

Locks contain spring-loaded structures known as pins. The appropriate cuts on the coordinating key allow the pins to move vertically and align along a track known as the shear line. Once the pins match the shear line, you can turn the bow and open the lock.

Every key part must be absolutely precise, otherwise, the key will not fit into the lock and/or will not turn the pins.  Such is why a wrong key will not turn a lock. A misaligned pin can also cause a key to malfunction. A trained, licensed, experienced locksmith can properly cut a key and determine why a key/lock is malfunctioning. 

For Your Safety

Nowadays, excited new homeowners like to take selfies of themselves posing with their house keys and post them online. This is a very dangerous trend. Don’t do it! Don’t ever post a photo of any of your keys. Criminals can use technology to determine the cuts on the key’s blades and make a duplicate key. This would give the criminal instant access to your home and valuables.

ACR Master Locksmith (ACR)

For more than ten years, ACR Master Locksmith’s trained, licensed, and experienced locksmiths have provided premium Automotive, Commercial, and Residential services .  ACR promises the highest quality products and services and ensures its customers complete peace of mind.

If you misplaced your house keys, are locked out of the office, or cannot access your car, ACR understands and can help. Email it at: [email protected] or call (704)441-5621. 

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ACR Master Locksmith
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