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What kind of future will Metaverse and Web3 create? Keywords and points explained!

Sandy zakk
What kind of future will Metaverse and Web3 create? Keywords and points explained!

Many people have heard that technological innovation will change our work and lifestyles in the future, such as “AI may take away human jobs” and “The time will come when we will work in virtual spaces.” I think. “ Metaverse “ and “ Web3 “ are also one of the main players.

In this article, while taking up Hironao Kunimitsu’s “Metaverse and Web3”, we will explore how the “Metaverse” and “Web3” are related to our work and lifestyles, and provide points to keep in mind. to introduce.

Outline of “Metaverse and Web3”

First, let me give you an overview of this book.

Mr. Santhosh Zak, the author who has launched a business in the area of ​​VR and blockchain. It is said that in the near future, the world of the Internet will move to the next step, and the era of virtual first will come .

VR is used in games, etc., and in the transition from the real-first era in which we pursued how to reproduce the real in the virtual world, to the virtual-first era in which the virtual is the main and the real is the subordinate , our work and lifestyle changes.

This book introduces how the “Metaverse”, which will be commercialized in the future, and the hot topics “NFT”, “DAO”, and “Web3” are related.

It is a useful reference for those who want to get an overview of how new technologies will change the business environment and what points to focus on. We hope that you will use it as a part of the material when considering the direction of your company or project in the long term, or when considering future human resource strategies.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a coined word that combines “meta,” which means transcendent, and “universe,” and refers to a three-dimensional virtual space and its services.

The Metaverse Development Company is a redefinition of VR, AR, MR, XR, Mirror World, etc., so it’s easy to understand if you look at the development steps below.

3 steps to develop the Metaverse

STEP1: Can we capture gamers from all over the world?

STEP2: Can we capture the tablet and PC market (workplace and school)?

STEP3: Post-smartphone (AR glasses field)

In the future, in the Metaverse area, the point will be how to attract people to the virtual space, so the movement of the game market, which is compatible with it, will be the key.

In addition, as the next step, it is believed that the Metaverse will become more pervasive by becoming indispensable in the business and educational fields. It’s easy to understand if you think about how online meeting apps weren’t popular before the corona crisis.

And the final step is the development of the AR glasses field. If it becomes possible to access information without touching a smartphone, the virtual world will become a part of everyday life.

In this way, when the Metaverse Development Services spreads and the virtual world becomes a natural environment, the avatar (self’s alter ego) will move in the virtual world, so you will no longer be bound by one appearance, one personality, and one community. .

In such a world, we have the potential to live by choosing multiple appearances, multiple personalities, and multiple communities, and it seems that the premise of our way of thinking will change.

What is Web3? Blockchain is the key

From here, we will look at Web3, which is closely related to the Metaverse.

“Web3” refers to the next-generation decentralized Internet, but the author sees it as a redefinition of virtual currency, crypto assets, blockchain, and crypto .

The era of Web 1.0 refers to the time when the Internet began to spread. It was a one-way system, and information was only received in the form of reading news sites and corporate websites .

From there, in the era of Web 2.0, in addition to blogs, SNS such as Twitter and Instagram became popular, and information was transmitted interactively. There, the company that provides the platform has come to hold personal information and data .

The era of Web 3.0 began to accelerate as a movement to own this data. As you can see from the figure, the time will come when data will not depend on a specific administrator, but will be distributed and shared among users .

We will organize three major features of blockchain, which will be the key to the era of Web 3.0.

Blockchain refers to a mechanism that uses cryptographic technology to openly record transaction information in a distributed network, and the author suggests that it has unique features.

[Feature 1] Trustless × Autonomous × Decentralized

The first keyword is “Trustless x Autonomous x Decentralized.”

Without relying on a specific server or database, even if there is no entity that guarantees trust (trustless), many people can participate in the network. It is possible to trade on

It is easy to understand if you consider that the value of a currency is secured by a country, and that of a point is secured by a specific company, which is managed centrally.

[Feature 2] NFTs

The second keyword is “NFT”

NFT (Non-FungibleToken), which translates to “non-fungible token”, refers to a non-fungible data unit. It is easy to understand if you imagine images, videos, sounds, etc., but it plays the role of a proof of ownership, such as who made it and who owns it. Therefore, blockchain and NFT are closely related.

[Feature 3] DAO

The third keyword is “DAO” A

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized autonomous organization, an organization/community made up of people who agree with a vision. Each member works autonomously for the success of the organization and the project.

With blockchain, it is possible to give back to members who have made a high degree of contribution within the organization.

The world created by Metaverse and Web3

Up to this point, we have organized an overview of the Metaverse and Web3, as well as key keywords, but it can be said that the new era in which the Metaverse Development solution has spread has the potential to transform society into a more free and diverse society. .

Until now, it was natural to live in one real community (society), but in the future it is expected that we will choose multiple virtual communities.

The author presents three stages as “Thirdverse conception”.

Stage 1: Spend your time as you like in a virtual space

Stage 2: An economic zone is born, and you can live doing what you like

Stage 3: Create and choose a social structure in which you can live

In this way, with the development of new technologies, there may be cases where we work in virtual spaces, and the time may come when we invest in DAO and support the success of projects.

At that time, it is of course important to think, choose, and act on your own, and it will be necessary to clarify the vision and what you want to achieve as an organization.

In the past, there are articles that summarize team building and organizational theory, so please refer to them.

Sandy zakk
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