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Learn Strategic Management Techniques With the Help of Puma Case Study  

Christopher tarantino
Learn Strategic Management Techniques With the Help of Puma Case Study  

Writing a case study is one of the essential parts of a scholar's life. They often feel like they don't have sufficient knowledge to complete these academic tasks on time. The main thing that comes to them is to write the case study in the best format. It is a detailed examination of the specific topic given to them. It requires analytical skills to be strong and how does reader can easily draw the information out of it. There are various case study help online services available that will assist the scholars who need it. Every scholar in their course of time needs to perform this type of academic task in their writing journey. When scholars are writing a case study of a specific company, they often think about what kind of strategic techniques puma uses to be in the top position among its competitors.

A Brief About Puma Strategic Management Techniques

Puma's strategic management techniques emphasize the company working and the products it sells in the market. Their main focus is they focus on immense products like sports shoes, equipment, apparel etc. Their generic and growth strategies cover the approaches which are directly related to the competitor's products in the market. Being in the global market, Puma uses competitive strategies that strengthen the production of sporting goods among potential customers because to give the tough competition in the market position, they use the best management strategic techniques scholars should learn. But to understand this sometimes scholars fail to accomplish it.

To help the scholars with how to complete such academic tasks in one go. This makes them wonder how to take help with my case study service platfroms. Because of insufficient knowledge and interest.

The Top 5 Strategic Management Techniques

These are the five strategic management techniques that will help scholars to understand what techniques the particular brand uses to stay in the market. It is found in a recent study that scholars studying in the universities of log angeles face the pressure of how to complete the project on time this makes them seek online assignment help los angeles services to get assistance to get better scores.

To eliminate the scenario these are the four strategic management techniques.

  • Market Perception
  • Product Diversification
  • Trade Development
  • Product Enhancement

Market Perception

The first strategy that puma uses is market penetration. The main factor related to the company's growth and development is to sell the brand products in the market. For these famous brands, the main thing lies in knowing the perseverance and how volatile or non-volatile it is. This comes under the SWOT analysis section involves business strengths and weakness that combines the brand work and how they are coping with the market fluctuations. It involves the decisions related to designing and packaging. The biggest reason to break the stereotype of how to face their competitors is to have the proper knowledge of market perceptions and their work. How a particular market perceives a brand’s product comes under this particular strategy.

Product Enhancement 

Puma's product enhancement is the second essential strategy to grow the business. For example, this particular brand uses various technologies while introducing a new product which increases its sales globally. The implementation of the product development depends on their organizational framework and the resources they need to produce the designs of the sporting goods. The main elements in product enhancement are cultural factors and human resource development in product design. They use product research strategies and innovative methods to design their products. It comes with how innovatively they can do the packaging, designing, and marketing compared to competitor's products.

Trade Development 

Puma's business framework depends on the trade development strategy. It means selling the company's current sporting goods in the market and offering them to their potential customers for their personal uses. To increase trade across the country they often focus on dynamic sports accessories for a particular market segment. Their focus is to determine the possible uses of puma's existing products to generate more revenue for the company. It is one of the required strategies famous brands follow because selling their goods across the nation makes their profit maximisation double. It helps the brand to develop a better image among the customers.

Product Diversification

Product diversification is one of the essential factors in puma's growth and development. Diversification involves the development of a new product line in the market for athletic footwear, apparel, accessories and equipment. They deal with the various operations in the market. One of the best techniques is to enhance the product quality and make it innovative as it can easily break the competition. The main element of a particular brand is the product. Students should know how much innovation they introduce in their product so that it gets sold out. The innovative methods Puma uses in their product differentiation is by following effective price control methods, focusing on the advertising and marketing channels, and paying attention to the customer needs and wants.


These are the various strategic management techniques puma brand follows in their course of action. Scholars must have a basic idea if they are writing about a brand they want to know how a particular brand works. To make their journey easy they seek case study help online services to get the idea of how to write it like that it becomes their matter of interest to complete the project on time.

Christopher tarantino
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