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How to choose a wedding dress for a petite bride

Alex Winners

Modern stylists and designers of wedding dresses are doing everything possible so that every girl can find or create her dream dress.

If you are not very tall, then you should carefully consider choosing the perfect wedding dress. The fact is that due to the wrong chosen silhouette, you can make yourself even smaller. And with the right selection, it will be possible to stretch the silhouette and make the figure more proportional and refined.

What is the best choice for a little bride

Petite brides should heed a few helpful tips to help you choose the perfect wedding dress. If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to go to the site https://ariamobridal.com/wedding-dresses/ and choose for yourself a model that will fully correspond not only to your height, but also to your ideas about the perfect wedding.

Let's start with what is really suitable for little brides.

  • A-line dress. Long and elegant dresses with such a silhouette are perfect for girls with different types of figures. Their main advantage is that they are able to visually stretch the silhouette;
  • Dresses with a high waist. This includes dresses in the Empire style. They also lengthen the silhouette, which is beneficial for petite beauties;
  • Vertical lines and long gloves. These two tricks will help visually increase growth;
  • High hairstyle and V - shaped neckline. So you can also add a couple of centimeters to your height, and make the figure more proportional.

You should not give up the idea with a magnificent wedding dress if you are small in stature. But it shouldn't be too big. Otherwise, you risk drowning in the tissues.

An excellent solution is a short dress, complemented by a fluffy skirt. The length is recommended to choose above the knees. This is an additional opportunity to emphasize the slender legs of the bride. Of course, here you need to add shoes with a sufficiently high heel.

What is better to refuse

The first thing that brides of small stature should refuse is very voluminous ballroom wedding dresses, numerous flounces and ruffles. If you want to add a train to your look, don't make it too long and avoid rich decorations.

A lush and long veil is something that a petite bride should not have. Otherwise, you risk looking even smaller than you really are.

A bad decision is a mermaid style dress. These models are mainly designed for tall brides.

Categorically refuse a dress with a low waist. Otherwise, you risk visually lengthening the torso, and at the same time shortening the length of the legs.

If you follow these simple rules and guidelines, you can easily create the perfect image of the bride. Regardless of your height or leg length. All in your hands!

Alex Winners
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