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10 Reasons to Consider Buying a Villa in Hyderabad

10 Reasons to Consider Buying a Villa in Hyderabad

Buying a home in Hyderabad is always the best option both from an investment perspective or for better living. Because Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. Compared to other metropolis in India, it ranks well both in terms of quality of life and affordability. Also, buying a House is not that much of difficult as there are lots of options available for you to suit your budget. Buying a Villa in Hyderabad will cost you as much as buying a small flat in another metropolis.

Recent trends show that many techies and professionals are shifting their base to Hyderabad, settling down with the family. Hyderabad today ranks as the fastest-growing IT infrastructure facility in India. Almost all the major global giants have their business centers in Hyderabad making it easier for a techie to choose their dream job without much waiting. This is the reason techies choose Hyderabad for a living.  

This surge in tectonic shift has a direct impact on real estate. According to a recent survey, the average rate of property in Hyderabad in the year ending 2020 was Rs 5694 per sq. foot. The last two years saw significant growth in real estate with more than 10% growth and you need to pay more than 7000 for square feet. This surge is expected to continue for a long.

Is Property Buying an investment? 

Experts suggest yes if you are following the basics. It gives the best dividend available today. Bank deposits do not even pass the inflation rate and stocks are very volatile while gold becomes less favored due to security reasons.  Buying a property, particularly buying a Villa becomes the best option to choose; particularly if you are investing in Hyderabad.

Advantages of Buying a Villa in Hyderabad

Is Property Buying a good investment? In most cases, the answer is yes – if you are properly prepared and know the basics.  Buying a House is always a smart investment. It should be life-changing not only for you but also for the generation to come. Gone are the days when people relied on a single income. Now people realize the power of investment and the income derived through it. Today’s Indians like diversified portfolios starting from stocks to cryptocurrency and the core of investment still is investing in land.

10 Reasons for Buying a Villa in Hyderabad

1. Ever-Growing Real Estate Market  

Ever since the bifurcation of the state in 2014, Hyderabad has shown a surge in the real estate market. It retained the number one position in Mercer’s quality of living survey for the fifth time in a row. It also remained the number one on all the basic parameters that supplement real estate growth, whether it's cleanliness, pollution, or connectivity.

Also, the presence of blue chip and multinational companies increased the demand for land both for residential and commercial. Global giants setting up their business hub in Hyderabad has resulted in a spurge of new opportunities not only for techies but also for small and medium-scale business houses. Numerous malls, tourist spots, commercial hubs, etc sprang up in different parts of the city. Even during the time of the pandemic, the state real estate business has not slowed down. Seeing this trend several real estate giants are investing heavily in the real estate market. This is the reason why the housing sector in Hyderabad showed a progress of 54% increased sales while other metros showed a decline in sales.

2. Best Infra Development

Hyderabad's governing body has laid a special focus on city infrastructure that Influence Property Value. Road connectivity has shown a tremendous improvement with the introduction of two outer ring roads and connecting it with major technology hubs like Gachibowli, Financial District, and Hitec city. Road connectivity was one of the best in India improving the ease of traveling. Adding to it is the metro connectivity.

In the last six years, the government has spent more than 12,000 crores to support infrastructure facilities. Several aerial roads and links roads have been developed to ease the traffic conjunction. 

Outer ring roads have been developed and beautified connecting different exit points like Kokapet, Narsingi, Rajendranagar, Puppalaguda, and Nanakramguda.  

3. Investment-Friendly City 

Hyderabad remained investment friendly for decades. Investors in Hyderabad were blessed with all kinds of resources required for their investment. Hyderabad has a strong pool of educated and skilled professionals. Second, Residential Areas are well-connected with infrastructure and connectivity. The third is the socio-economic fabric of the city and the community. People here are very friendly, adaptive, and supportive. There is no labor unrest or destruction in the power supply. The city is connected well with major ports and cities so that the manufactured products can be transported easily anywhere in India or abroad.  

We can see many IT giants setting up their businesses in Hyderabad. Google, Microsoft Amazon, etc find Hyderabad as an investment-friendly city. Because of the presence of international giants, numerous startups opt Hyderabad as their base. This made Hyderabad the city of new ideas, innovation, and collaboration.

This automatically nourishes the real estate sector. World-renowned builders are building luxurious apartments providing the residents with futuristic living.  

4. Better Cost of Living

The cost of living in Hyderabad is relatively cheap compared to other metro cities. Finding a better place to stay for you and your family is a nightmare for every techie who shifts to their workplace. But in Hyderabad, a techie finds plenty of options suitable both as bachelor accommodation or for a family living. You will also get decent education facilities for your kids and good hospital care. 

5. Career Options

Hyderabad is witnessing a huge inflow of techies from all parts of the country because of the huge employment opportunities created by multinationals and blue-chip companies that started their operations here. 

Not only techies but also small and medium-qualified professionals or blue-collar jobs are on a rise. All these resulted in the increased requirement for residential properties. This is supporting the real estate sector. Many intellectuals and think tanks consider now as the right time in investing in real estate before its price goes skyrocketing.

6. Most Happening Cities in India

Many techies compare Hyderabad to Silicon Valley in California. Silicon Valley, for years, was the dream destination for Indian techies but now they head to Hyderabad. Whether it’s a techie who earns lakhs of rupees as salary or a multinational who has business interests worldwide and loves to do business with Hyderabad.

From startups to global tech giants, from Apple to Google, from Amazon to Qualcomm, finds Hyderabad is the most promising city in India.  

7. Best Connectivity

Hyderabad has a decent infrastructure, with all amenities such as malls, hospitals, good schools, and colleges. All these are well connected with transit facilities. Many choose their residence that is close to the office. 

You can save money to commute and time. But some find it better to live in a distant place where rent is very low. The connectivity inside the city is so good it takes the same time to commute even if you are staying outside the city.

Hyderabad provides a host of transport services to its commuters. It has a well-oiled bus service, MMTS which is a local train service and metro. Traveling through public transit services is cheap and time-saving. The roads are straight, wide, and well-lit. You can even consider your conveyance.

8. Affordability

Hyderabad is the hub of opportunities in India; it is the Silicon Valley of India and is also the most affordable city in India. It gives plenty of opportunities for skilled manpower. But compared to other cities, the cost of living is very less. You can find the best kinds of accommodation, education for kids, food traveling, and entertainment here relatively cheaper.  

9. Attractive Locations

Over the years the city of Hyderabad has become a sprawling metropolis as the city expands its boundary continuously. It also creates numerous locations that are convenient places for peaceful living. Whether it's Kokapet or Nursing, it gives the buyer the comfort of a gated community, proximity to the outer ring road, reachable schools, shopping malls, etc. Besides these, these places are less polluted, full of greeneries, and have ample play areas for kids.

10. Lowest prices in India

Though moving fast, Hyderabad gives you the best returns for your money invested. The land value here is quite low, particularly after the bifurcation of the state. But one should not consider it will continue. The city is growing fast so is the land price. If anyone is investing in land, he can accumulate wealth when real estate comes to its peak. 

Benefits of Investing in Villa 

While there are many residential types available today for you to choose such as apartments, villas, and independent houses, villas become the best options for home buyers.  Reasons to Consider Buying a Villa? Many prefer their home has a backyard where they can plant their favorite flowers or putter around the garden. Villas also have the added advantage of a gated community, more security measures, and a brand address compared to independent houses. Also buying a villa gives the buyer a guaranteed trust and quality of the asset he buys which an independent house cannot offer. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Villa

By choosing a Villa, you get more safety and security for the family. Leaving aside the security, please do some basic checklists before buying the villa. Most important is the brand aesthetics itself. Never go for any localized brand but go for the best builders who have the reputation and goodwill. This will increase your asset value. Also check your neighborhood, road connectivity, water, electric supply, etc. Check how far the amenities like hospitals, schools, etc. The best option will be to choose the right builder. Best builders never compromise on these basics.

We sincerely hope the information detailed here will serve as a Guide for Buying a Home.  For most of us, buying a house is once in a lifetime activity and we are fully aware of its importance and seriousness. It requires time to choose the property that matches well with your expectations and lifestyle. A home is where you spend a lot of time in. your home must give you positivity and all happiness in life.

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