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10 simple house designs to buy your new home


We all desire to have a house of our own. We save every single rupee to build the house of our dreams. A home is a place where we live together with our family and make long-lasting memories. A sweet and simple home for a living is the best idea these days. Simple-design houses have become show-stoppers with attractive plans. A splendidly designed home is a place of relief and comfort. People are preferring to build a home which is an amalgamation of elevated and latest designs. Many individuals are looking forward to a home that can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A simple modern house design is just enough to lead a happy life. Here we discuss 10 simple house designs to buy your new home.

Simple design houses provide high energy efficiency, excellent functionality, and aesthetic spaces at economical prices. They are popular for their space and easy accessibility. They benefit both young and aged people in a family. You can design a modest yet trendy house at an affordable price and save the extra cost. A modern simple house design is very comfortable to live happily with your family. A simple modern house design is considered the best home design in India.

Here are 10 simple house designs to buy your new home.

Traditional simple village house designs

A traditional simple house is a very popular type of simple low-cost home design in India. They are very family-friendly and very operative. They are very elegant and are best suitable for town atmospheres. These kinds of home designs contain four rooms amalgamated with contemporary and antique elements to devise a unique appearance. They have simple rooflines and other articulations are very modest. The windows are placed asymmetrically which is the main feature of a traditional-style home. This is a beautiful simple house to live happily with your family.

Basic simple design houses

This is a small house design which is decent yet appealing. This style house contains four rooms which are simple and attractive. The basic style house comprises large windows to allow the air to flow freely in and out easily which is an excellent aspect of this small house design. You can incorporate extended glass windows to enable a fresh breeze by placing them at the front. The symmetric pillars elevate the beauty of the house while keeping the design simple. A veranda is the best place to chill in the morning and evening.

A multi-storey simple modern house design

Having a simple low-cost home design does not mean you can own a multi-storey house. You can enjoy more space with the additional floors. They are a simple modern house design and allow you to earn income by giving it for rent. It is also the best option for people with large families. This kind of house will help you eradicate the possibility of quarrels among your family members and enables you to design in whatever way you like. For example, it is not mandatory to use the same kind of windows and doors. Moreover, you can also alter the paint colours of the walls for each floor. You can also make necessary modifications as per the desires of your family members. This is one of the most simple beautiful house designs in India.

A farm-house style simple modern house design

A farmhouse-style residence will feel like your home even before you walk in as they are warm, cosy, and inviting. Furthermore, they give you a rustic feel and are full of charm. They are one of the simple beautiful house designs that will sway your mind. They are ideal for families as they contain open and wide living rooms, large kitchens, and a great outdoor space. You can build your house in a traditional farmhouse style which is a blend of countryside and the latest designs. This simple modern house design is functional and enticing. You can include a patio in the front and a wide area to promote ventilation on both sides of the home. You can have a large open space in the front part of the house which can be used for parking or as a garden.

Mid-century style small simple house design

The mid-century style modern simple house design is extraordinary if you love natural and hand-made materials. This simple low-cost home design comprises big windows and an amalgamation of natural and artificial materials to formulate a simple and clean style that could match your tone. The architecture of these kinds of houses is thoughtful and very functional. It is a combination of geometric and organic elements, a simple design, elegance, and wide windows. This is one of the simple house designs and you can save a lot of your money.

Hut-style small house design

It is the "best home design for a village" if you are desiring to settle in the countryside. If you are preparing for a great weekend then this antique hut-style house is perfect. You can keep the uniqueness of the traditional houses of rural India alive which is also an excellent vacation. This kind of simple low-cost home design comprises slant roofs. They are well known for their cottage appearance with sloping roofs. In places like Kerala, you can find homes with hut-shaped elevations. Moreover, they also have sloping or slant ceilings. These 2 bedroom house designs in India are often horizontal and stable in appearance. They have asymmetric front patios and low-slung roofs.

Modern simple design houses

If you love to live in the lap of nature while enjoying the pleasures of the contemporary world then this simple modern house design is for you. You can have a house that will match your standards with these kinds of house designs. They offer both the pleasure of city life and the comfort of town life. This simple modern house design will provide you with everything you desire irrespective of the place you want to reside. You can use different types of walls to be unique in your neighborhood


Cottage style simple house design

This is the best home design in India and they are comfortable and elegant. They are smaller in the area but they have great appeal. The kinds of houses trace their origin to Europe and the farmers used to live in cottage-type houses. You can build a cottage with a large garden and great space. Wood sidings and pebble sidings with tiny patios and a small lawn are the main aspects of this simple modern house design.

Mediterranean-style house design

Mediterranean-style houses are prevalent in areas like Kodaikanal and Pondicherry. They are a combination of Italian and Spanish designs and also have European influences. They are best suitable for temperate climatic conditions. They have stucco walls and include metalwork on windows and balconies. The roofs are made up of tiles, wood and stone. They have a neutral appearance and stonework can elevate the appearance of the house.

Glass elevation simple design houses

This is a modern simple house design and is stylish and luxurious. The glass elevation in the front part is top-notch and gives a great appeal. This design is injected partially with concealed greenery on the external surface of the house. Glass-house designs are the perfect embodiment of contemporary design and they can differ in size from large to small houses.

The endnote

It is recommended to be careful at every minute detailing of your house. The look and sense of your home remain the important attribute of the whole project. Hence, study all the simple design houses mentioned above and choose the best one that suits your requirements

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