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Digital News Publications are the Future of Pakistan

Zymal Raja

A scheduled publication that keeps you updated regarding all types of current events, diverse features, informative articles and advertising is called a newspaper. It was previously being printed on a low-grade and inexpensive paper i.e. newsprint. Now, as the world has advanced and everything is becoming digital, news has become digital too. Digital news publications are the future.

A digital news publication is an online version of a conventional newspaper. There are various types of Digital news publications. 


An online or digital edition of a printed book, journal or newspaper is known as an E-edition. These can be read on a computer or a mobile device. These are laid out the same as a printed newspaper and have all the formatting intact. It includes advertisements, photographs and illustrations to gain the viewers’ attention. It is a preliminary version of the switch to a digital format from a printed one. It is, in actuality, published offline as a hard copy. These tend to be less costly if they are on a subscription. 

Web edition 

A newspaper that exists on the World Wide Web and the internet is known as the web edition. It has a distinct style that is separate from a printed newspaper and exists separately on the internet. It includes brief stories, interlinked web pages, photographs and transferable files. All of the printed newspapers have their own web versions with a different set of economic news, breaking news and etc. These are not run in any other format except for the internet. 

How do they make money?

The publishers of digital news have a variety of options to earn money. The majority of them use the traditional business models that are adapted for the internet. Others make money using internet-specific business models that use multiple platforms to generate revenue. In some cases, the display of advertisements contributes large amounts of revenue. Other sources for digital news publishers to earn money is:

  • Subscription sales 
  • Online directories 
  • Membership programs 
  • Sponsored content 
  • Native advertisements 
  • Community calendars 
  • Affiliate links 
  • Live and virtual events 

Advantages of Digital Publications

The reader is allowed to interact with the paper itself. Readers can leave comments, view photographs, slide shares and watch videos, release special print publications. The wide range of access points will contribute to the success of digital news. Viewers can get their news with a single touch on their smartphones and is at a person’s fingertips.

  • Free online access to most of the stories 
  • Can be read more elaborately than a newspaper 
  • Old issues can be approached very easily 

The way we view things has evolved and changed with everything getting digitalized. The comfort level of everyone has changed from in-hand pages to screens. We want our lives to be simpler and easier, and that is why we have started to rely on the online world.

Zymal Raja
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