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How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper For Your Loved Ones?

How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper For Your Loved Ones?

Exchanging gifts on holidays and giving away specially curated hampers on special occasions to your loved ones can really make the bond stronger, ever-lasting and so much more precious.

Gifts are an amazing way to bring a huge smile on anyone’s face especially if you are receiving a thoughtful, personalized and solicitous gift hamper NZ. Every time you receive a gift hamper from a loved one or from someone special, it skips your heart beat, makes you feel loved, cherished, special which in turn makes things go well in life.

Gift hampers NZ are thoughtfully curated hampers that are highly customizable and can be delivered worldwide so that the ones that live far away can still feel the warmth of your love.

Whenever you decide to make your gift special for that special someone or for Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentines day, anniversary, birthday, graduation, baby birth or even when you miss someone make sure to put your heart and soul in it by putting meaningful and personalized things in it.

The gift hamper should have depth, it should demonstrate your love with a few tangible things. The gift hamper should bring tears of joy and love in the eyes. At Willow & Wolfe we are trying to achieve just that by offering things from suppliers that have unique, thoughtful, social and environmental impacts and are reasonably priced.

Gift box NZ comes in a wide range of pre-made options as well as fully customizable according to your preference and choice.

When choosing what to put in the gift hamper for someone that means the world to you, facing a dilemma is very obvious. You want to make sure that you put all the things that will bring joy to them but you also want to keep them aesthetically appealing.

Well, if you are striving hard to create that perfect gift hamper for your loved ones, then you have landed in the right place, as this piece is all about putting together that perfect hamper, so let’s get started.

How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper For Your Loved Ones?

  1. Think of a Theme for your Hamper

There are countless options to put in a gift hamper but that can go pretty haywire if you don’t have a specific theme or aesthetic or concept behind the gift. Nowadays, theme based gift hampers and boxes look the best as you have centered it around a special thing.

Choosing a theme is also a task that you need to think about, it is easier for days like Valentines or birth of a baby girl or boy but things get tough when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries or festivals and holidays.

Some themes work for almost every occasion like food based in which you can go for spicy stuff, chocolate lover, nuts, picnic, after-party and so many more.

You can also take cues from the personality of the person like gardening, crafting, tea, coffee, music, sports, movies, spa, clothes, perfumes and the list goes on….

If you still can’t decide, take ideas from our Bestselling hampers.

2. Close in on a Budget

Now everyone has a budget they want to stick into otherwise the list can be endless. Also without proper budgeting you can end up putting things that will not go with the idea that you actually want to bring to life.

Budget also allows you to keep track of what you are doing, so you don’t get carried away in the process. If your budget is limited then try to give a few meaninging ful things rather than spending on a lot of non-meaningful things.

But if your budget allows, then you can take the liberty to put in stuff for that extra joy and happiness.

3. What to Actually Put in There?

Well, now let’s get to the nitty and gritty without wasting more time. The contents of your hamper should be decided according to the theme you have chosen and in accordance with your budget.

For a food-based theme try to try a few things based around that theme in different textures but try to keep one thing in common. It can either be the color, the flavor of the size and shape.

If it is a spa themed gift hamper NZ for like Mother’s day then you can add coupons, some DIY masks, bath salts, bath bombs and other stuff. If you want to give crafts based gift box NZ then you can put in some DIY projects like paint by numbers or other such stuff that will bring joy to their face. It is very important that you have a theme to stick to in order to find things to put in your hamper.

4. What Should be the Base of your Hamper/box?

Okay, so we have talked about them, the budget and the things to put in your hamper but what is the hamper made up of?

It is a very important thing to cover as the presentation means alot and sometimes the presentation can be so good or can be a keepsake for the rest of the life. You can choose a wooden tray for food based hampers, you can go for a wicker basket, an acrylic box with or without the lid, you can also use a wooden crate, a big charcuterie board or a cardboard box, metal buckets, storage container, shoebox, mugs, plat pot and so many more things.

You can easily look up these kinds of packaging from stores that sell these empty gift box options.

5. Decoration and Aesthetic of the hamper

Now that you have everything set, it’s now time to bring your hamper together. The first thing is to set the base right, so if you are using a deep container or something that has a hollow in it, always use filler that lifts up the things.

If you are using a flat surface than line to base or wrap up things in dolly paper for aesthetic purposes.

Ending Lines

Whenever you are willing to create a perfect hamper for your loved ones, always think with your heart and never with your mind, trust me and you will always come up with amazing gift boxes.

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