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Buyer's Guide to Selecting the Best Bathroom Vanity

Buyer's Guide to Selecting the Best Bathroom Vanity

Whether you are remodeling or building a new bathroom, your choice of vanity can make the difference between drab and fab, awkward and functional, cramped and luxurious. You’ll want to carefully consider several factors before choosing the right bathroom vanity. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to our bathroom store in Vaughan.   

1. What color bathroom vanity is the most popular? 

Bathroom vanity trends change each year. If you are looking for the latest trend for 2023, you can go with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta 18-1750. However, if you would prefer something that won’t go out of style too quickly, choose a more neutral color, white, gray, black, or even browns and beiges that give off a natural wood feel. Find a large selection of bathroom vanities in Toronto at our showroom.   

2. Are wood vanities better than MDF vanities? 

It depends on your colour scheme. If you are looking for a wood grain with a stain, wood is the better option. If you are looking for a solid painted finish, MDF is ideal. Wood is live material that expands and contracts as it

breathes, therefore, applying many layers of paint to achieve a solid colour on the surface will crack the paint as the wood expands. This is not recommended, especially in moist areas. This is why the majority of painted

bathroom vanities we offer in Vaughan are made of MDF. 

3. What is the most common bathroom vanity size? 

Standard vanities are typically between 18 to 84 inches wide, with a depth of 20 to 22 inches. Most vanities are about 34 inches high with more comfort height options emerging at 36 inches high. At our bathroom store in Vaughan, we have hundreds of design options, from floor standing to wall mount, prefabricated or custom, single and double sinks, with or without storage capability. No matter how big – or small – your bathroom is, we can help you find a vanity that fits into your space.  

4. Which is better, a single or double vanity? 

Deciding between a single or double vanity depends on the type of bathroom, your lifestyle, and your resale plans for the house. Installing a double vanity in a primary or shared bathroom will increase the value of your home, while a single vanity will provide more storage and counter space. Therefore, if you don’t have any plans to sell your home and you typically do not share your vanity, a single vanity may be more functional. 

5. What are the key considerations when selecting a bathroom vanity? 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity for your Toronto home:  

·        Style preferences  

·        Materials used to create the vanity 

·        Countertop materials  

·        Number of sinks  

·        Storage space required  

·        Existing space and bathroom design  

·        Placement of the vanity  

·        Colour scheme 

Selecting the vanity top and materials before choosing other elements of the bathroom’s design can help you select the colours, materials, and styles that complement your vanity rather than compete with it.  

6. Which is better, a floating vanity or a floor-mount? 

It depends on the application and the style of your home. While a floor mount vanity may provide more storage, a wall mount vanity is more modern and creates the illusion of a larger and more spacious bathroom as it allows you to see a longer and more continuous stretch of tile along the floor. In a traditionally styled home, a floor mount vanity may be more suitable, however, there are a few transitional wall mount vanity options that may be suitable. 

Finally, if you live in a country with cold winters, you may want to check with your plumber before installing a wall mount vanity on an exterior wall as the pipes in the wall may freeze. In most cases, if your vanity is against an exterior wall your drain and water pipes are likely coming out of the floor vs. the wall. If this is the case, a floor mount vanity will definitely hide the exposed pipes. Although, it is still possible to hide the exposed pipes on a wall mount vanity by building a box around the pipes. 

7. Do I install flooring and wall tiles around the vanity, or under/behind it? 

Generally, it’s best to remove a floor standing vanity before installing the flooring. When installing wall tiles, you can remove the vanity before installing tiles or you can install tiling around the vanity, depending on the scale of your renovations. We recommend tiling before installing a vanity when possible. While not required, wall tile will give the vanity a more elevated look and will make cleaning easier than drywall.  

8. How do I choose the right mirror for my vanity? 

We typically recommend choosing mirrors that fit within the length of the vanity or the same length of your vanity. However, sometimes a more dramatic design calls for oversized mirrors. Note that taller mirrors create the illusion of height, so be sure to measure your wall heights before finalizing on a mirror and remember to measure the locations of wall sconces, if any. We offer a wide range of bathroom mirrors in different shapes and sizes to suit the style of your vanity, from frameless to framed, backlit LED, and even mirrors with additional storage options. 

Shop for High-Quality Bathroom Vanities in Vaughan  

Get design ideas from Vatero when you’re shopping for bathroom vanities in Vaughan. We stock a large selection of brand name bathroom fixtures for your home renovations. Ask our experienced staff for design ideas and product selection when you come into our showroom.

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