What is a manhole cover cutting machine?

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The manhole cover cutting machine is a highly intelligent manhole cover cutting machine with a wide range of applications, and can be widely used in cutting various cement concrete and asphalt roads. It can be cut circularly according to the road surface around the manhole cover, one-time forming, avoiding the trouble of multiple cross-destructive cutting, high work efficiency, good cutting effect, and widely used.


Why Use a Manhole Cover Cutter?


The manhole cover cutting machine is a device specially used for circular cutting of cement concrete or asphalt pavement around manhole covers such as motor vehicle lanes in urban roads. The equipment can clean up the damaged pavement around the manhole cover in sections. Use this equipment to clean and restore the ground to be beautiful and prolong the service life of the road surface.High-performance engine: The American high-performance and high-durability gasoline engine is used to make the power supply of the equipment more stable, and the low fuel consumption makes the equipment more economical to use. The manhole cover cutting machine is more than 10 times that of the sewing machine. The effect after construction: beautiful, durable, strong bearing capacity. The circular cutting is completed at one time, without damaging the fork cutting; saving time, labor and materials.



Product features of automatic manhole cover cutting machine


1. Easy to operate and high working efficiency. Carry out circular cutting on the pavement around the manhole cover, and complete the cutting at one time, avoiding multiple cutting defects, and also improving the cutting efficiency.


2. It can be operated by remote control, saving time and effort.


3. The engine uses imported Honda engine and Breton generator, with stable performance and low fuel consumption.


4. The cutting radius can be manually adjusted, and the appropriate cutting value can be selected according to the damage of the road surface to meet different construction requirements. And the speed of cutting down can be adjusted steplessly, which is more practical to adjust the appropriate cutting speed.


5. The cutting depth can be manually set according to the needs, so as to better complete the cutting of the manhole cover pavement.

6. With automatic limit function to avoid losses caused by improper operation. When the manhole cover circumference cutting machine reaches the cutting depth during the cutting process, the blade will stop falling, and at the same time, the blade will rise to a limited position and will not exceed the limit.


7. Equipped with an independent base to locate the center of the cutting circle to ensure the cutting effect.


8. The equipment adopts an automatic water dust removal device and is equipped with a large-volume water tank, which can meet the requirements of long-term construction. At the same time, the blade is protected, the construction is safer and more reliable, and the construction noise is smaller.

9. This equipment is road maintenance equipment. In addition, YG also provides road marking machine (cold road painting machine, thermoplastic road marking machine), crack sealing machine, concrete scarifier machine, asphalt coring machine, ect.


The manhole cover cutting machine is easy to operate and reliable in construction. The radius of the cutting machine is adjustable, and the cutting diameter can be manually adjusted according to the actual situation. Of course the depth is also adjustable. Our machine has a one-year warranty and a lifetime! The type manhole cover cutting machine is specially used for circular cutting of cement concrete or asphalt pavement around manhole covers such as motor vehicle lanes in urban roads. Provide a segmented area for clearing the damaged pavement around the manhole cover, the repaired ground is beautiful, and the service life of the pavement is improved. It can also be used for greening projects of urban roads, two. Features. Use ordinary saw blades to perform fully automatic circular cutting on asphalt, concrete, slate, etc.; use the circular cutting method. The cutting volume is 40% higher than the traditional square cutting method, and the cleaning and backfilling volumes are respectively 50% lower; the rotation speed is adjustable. To adapt to different working conditions;

yuga song
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