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What are the types of concrete pumps?

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The concrete delivery pump includes a pump body and a delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in house construction, bridge, and tunnel construction. With the rapid advancement of urbanization and the rapid development of urban buildings, the demand for concrete pumps is gradually increasing. YG concrete pump manufacturer offers many types of concrete pumps. We will introduce you to the machine details.

Concrete delivery pump composition

The concrete delivery pump adopts the electric motor or diesel engine to drive the pumping system, and the delivery volume of the concrete delivery pump can be automatically adjusted through the constant power control of the hydraulic system, and the concrete delivery volume can be selected by manual control. The pumping system is mainly composed of a hopper, a mixing mechanism, a concrete distribution valve, a concrete delivery cylinder, a washing room, and a main oil cylinder.

Working principle of concrete pump

When the pressure oil of the hydraulic system enters the main oil cylinder, the piston rod extends, and at the same time, the pressure oil passing through the connecting pipe of the sealing circuit makes the other piston rod retract. When the concrete conveying piston connected to the piston rod of the main oil cylinder retracts, it produces self-priming in the conveying cylinder, and the concrete in the hopper is sucked into the conveying cylinder through the suction port of the slide valve under the action of atmospheric pressure and the boost of the mixing blade. At the same time, under the action of oil pressure, the other main oil cylinder pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder out and at the same time pushes the concrete piston to press out the concrete in the delivery cylinder, and enters the concrete delivery pipe through the Y-shaped pipe of the delivery port of the slide valve. After the action is completed, the system automatically reverses the direction so that the pressure oil enters the other main oil cylinder to complete another suction and delivery stroke of different delivery cylinders. Repeatedly, the concrete in the hopper is continuously sucked and pressed out of the delivery cylinder and reaches the operation point through the Y-shaped pipe and the pipeline connected to the outlet to complete the pumping operation.

Types of Concrete Pumps

There are many types of concrete delivery pumps, which can be divided into the following categories according to different methods.

1. According to the way of movement: according to whether it can be moved, concrete delivery pumps can be divided into stationary concrete pumps and vehicle-mounted concrete delivery pumps.

The fixed concrete delivery pump has no chassis and needs to be towed to move, while the vehicle-mounted mobile concrete pump has its own independent chassis, so it can be moved directly.

2. According to valves: According to the different valves of concrete pumps, concrete delivery pumps can be divided into tubular valve concrete delivery pumps and rotary valve concrete delivery pumps. Different design forms have different advantages and disadvantages.

3. According to the size of the pump: according to the size of the concrete pump, the concrete pump can be divided into mini concrete pumpsmall concrete pump, medium concrete delivery pump, and large concrete delivery pump. Usually, depending on the size of the project, concrete pumps of different sizes and models can be purchased for construction.

4. Classified according to the driving method of concrete pumps: there are piston types and extrusion types, and most of them are piston types at present. In addition, there are hydraulic diaphragm and air tank pumps.

In addition, there is a concrete mixer with pump.

yuga song
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